by Sheila Rockwell

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TAWS got the chance to catch up with Junior Shooter Reanna Kadic, a rising star in the 3 gun competitive shooting circuit. At age 16, Reanna is a very busy young woman, currently a sophomore in high school and a Varsity Cheerleader, and for the 2015 season she is on the 3 Gun Nation Lady Pro Tour, but kindly took the time to talk to us!

TAWS: Reanna, tell us about your first experience with firearms?

REANNA: “My father was in the military and is an avid hunter so I was around guns all the time. When I was younger, he would satisfy my curiosity and allow me to safely handle and help clean his weapons. As I grew older, he would take me shooting and hunting with him. I started shooting when I was 7. When I was 9, I shot my first deer.

TAWS: How did you get started shooting competitively?

REANNA: “I started in competition shooting through my father. My dad would compete in local 3-gun matches…I thought that it looked like fun and that it was something I might be good at—we started practicing and my dad thought that I was a decent shooter. He signed me up for a few matches and I didn’t do half bad. Eventually, I was shooting Regional and National matches. I love it!”


TAWS: Is there anyone else who has been influential or inspirational to you as a competitive shooter?

REANNA: “Janna Reeves is definitely the person I admire the most! She has taken me under her wing from day one, mentored me, and has shaped me into the shooter I am today!”

TAWS: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of shooting?

REANNA: “I love to go hunting and fishing with my family and friends in the Great Outdoors. I also like dancing and hanging out with my friends!”

TAWS: What are your goals in regards to your shooting career?

REANNA: “My immediate goals are to persevere, train, and improve my skills so I can remain a part of the 3 Gun Nation Lady Pro Tour. My long term goal is to stay in the sport as a professional shooter and be an ambassador for the 4 gun sport.”

TAWS: Any advice for other young girls who may want to start shooting competitively?

REANNA: “My advice would be to not be afraid of a challenge. There are a lot of great female shooters out there and they did not become accomplished by being a prisoner to their fears! When I am on the range or in a competition, I have only received kudos and constructive criticism. No one has ever told me that I didn’t belong in the shooting world. Shooting isn’t just a man’s sport; anyone that has an interest in firearms and competitive shooting should give it a try.”

TAWS: Reanna is sponsored by Freedom Munitions, La Rue Tactical, Benelli, Hayes Custom Guns, Invictus Practical, XRail by RCI, and Copperhead Creek Shooting Club. You can follow her career on her Facebook page, “Reanna Kadic”. Thank you for talking to us, Reanna! You are truly an inspiration. We here at TAWS wish you the best of luck this season on the pro tour!

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