Girls Can’t Do What?!? Taylor Phann

Taylor Phann is one impressive young lady. We were pleased to spend a little time getting to know her and think you will too. She is a proud, Tennessee born and raised 15 year old honor student who loves to shoot in her spare time. Along with her parents, older sister Tia and younger brother Trent (who also shoots) comprise her support group along with many family and friends. Oh, did I mention she was the 2016 BB champion? Read on:

TAWS: How did you get your start in the shooting sports?

I got a pink Daisy BB Gun for Christmas when I was 11. My Mom signed me and my brother and up for a hunter safety course and paid $50 extra to sign up for the competitive shooting class. I’ve been shooting ever since, Our team has been state Champs for the past 4 years. And I have had my “Expert” marksmanship with the NRA since I was 12. I am currently working on achieving my Distinguished Expert marksmanship.

TAWS: Do you hunt?

I love to hunt! We live on a big farm and I hunt ground hog, possums, deer, raccoon, turtle and anything else that’s in season. We have a rule on the farm- if you kill it, you’ve got to eat it. I’ve made ground hog, deer and possum jerky!

TAWS: How often do you practice?

I usually practice 4-5 times a week. Minimum 2 hours a day practicing during competition season. I’ve got a shooting range set up on the side of a hill and have turned our attic into my inside BB gun range.

TAWS: What do you love most about shooting?

I’m very competitive and like to do well in a predominately boys sport. I also enjoy meeting shooters from other states and teams. Also being a girl, people normally don’t expect me to shoot good- but I love to surprise them with my skills!

TAWS: What do you usually wear at your competitions?

Usually at matches, we wear our team shirt with jeans and I always wear fuzzy socks pulled up for good luck! And I always wear my lucky colorful tennis shoes to every match for good luck!

TAWS: Are your classmates surprised that you shoot?

Yes they are – and a lot of them are a tad bit scared of my skills!

TAWS: What was your best shooting day?

Nationals 2016- I shot a 470! I came in 60th in the country out of approximately 500 competitors. Top score was 487.

TAWS: I’d like to learn a little about you outside of the shooting world. Do you have a nickname?

My nickname is Tay Tay- my niece couldn’t say Taylor so she called me Tay Tay and it stuck! Now everyone on my shooting team calls me that.

TAWS: What is your favorite subject in school?

Definitely Health Science – since it deals with anatomy and medical science.

TAWS: What is your passion outside of shooting?

I am an avid reader and like to study bones and forensic science. I hunt and trap whenever possible. I plan on attending University of Tennessee and majoring in Forensic Pathology and Forensic Anthropology.

TAWS: What is the last book you read:

I just finished reading the “Secret Life of Bee’s” by Sue Monk Kidd – It was truly a deep and suspenseful book. TAWS: Who inspires you? I have a lot of top notch coaches at our range, Bend of the River, in Cookeville, Tennessee, but Scott Miller has absolutely been the most inspirational coach throughout my shooting career. I really look up to him. Taylor’s 2016 (so far) awards: 1st Place 2016 Tennessee state overall 4H BB gun match 1st Place 2016 Tennessee state overall Jaycee BB gun match 2016 overall Tennessee State BB shooting champion