Girls Can’t Do What?!

Megan Montalbano

By Sheila Rockwell


Megan Montalbano is a homeschooled sophomore, a hunter, shooter, outdoorswoman, diver, and all-around athlete. TAWS had the opportunity to speak to her and learn what she has to say about hunting, shooting…and when asked “Girls Can’t Do What?!?”


TAWS: “Megan, Tell me about how and when you first started shooting/ hunting?”

MEGAN: “I have been shooting ever since I could hold a gun. I began sitting out with my dad in the deer blind when I was abomegan1ut 3 years old. I shot my first deer, a spike, when I was 9 years old.”

TAWS: “What types of shooting/ hunting do you most enjoy, and what are your immediate and future goals and/or aspirations?”

MEGAN:  “I enjoy bow hunting over rifle hunting because it is a greater challenge and I am able to be more in tune with nature. Being able to observe wildlife so closely is one the most relaxing and peaceful things to me. I do a lot of rifle hunting, however in the last year have started focusing more on bow hunting. My dream has always been to be able to travel all over the world and hunt different animals and (visit) different places. I would love to have a hunting show of some sorts if possible. To me hunting is not only a life skill, but also a hobby of mine that will bring me joy throughout my entire life!”

TAWS: “Tell us a little bit about some of your interests or hobbies besides shooting/hunting?”

MEGAN: “Other than hunting, I enjoy fishing, diving, being outdoors, and anything athletic. When I was little, I did not have much patience for fishing but as i have grown up, I have really learned to enjoy it. I have been springboard and platform diving for two years and absolutely love the sport.

TAWS: “What grade are you in and what are your future educational goals?”

MEGAN: “I am going into 10th grade, a sophomore. I am homeschooled, and after I graduate, I plan on going to college. I am not sure what I would like to study, however I would like to attend A&M. I am leaning towards physical therapy for handicapped children, because I have a handicapped brother and I enjoy helping others.”

TAWS: “What do you like best about shooting/hunting?”

MEGAN:  “I enjoy being in the outdoors, and the thrill that shooting gives you. Watching a deer grow up and pursuing a big buck until it finally comes out in front of you makes the kill so exciting. To me, the kill would not be as thrilling if I had not worked so hard and put in so much time. I think it is not only fun, but a life skill. Shooting is something that anyone can learn how to do and is something that can be done at all ages.”

TAWS: “Who megan2would you credit as inspirational to you as a female shooter/hunter?”

MEGAN: “My dad, Jeff Montalbano, has taught me and inspired me throughout my life. He has taught me everything I know about hunting and the outdoors.”

TAWS: “Do you have any advice to give to other young girls who may be interested in getting started in the shooting sports?”

MEGAN: “It is a amazing sport that teaches so much. A woman that does any shooting sports will go far and stand out. If you are willing to commit and dedicate yourself to shooting, you will thrive!”