Girls can’t do what?

By Andy Tolbert

Morgan and MasonMM1

While you may see camo shirts all over the place touting “Girls Hunt Too” I think most of them don’t. But that’s not the case for these 2 spunky twins! 14 year old Morgan and Mason are avid hunters and excellent stewards of the land and the wildlife where they live. They started shooting when they were about 4 and learned on bb guns and .22 rifles but have grown into 20 gauge shotguns as their field guns of choice.

Many girls their age might get negative feedback from other kids at school, but Morgan and Mason are fortunate to live in a community with similar values, in fact, the kids at their school all take off for opening day of dove season!

They agree that one of their favorite parts of hunting is the wonderful food they’re able to put on the table for not only their family, but also other needy families in their community, but Morgan prefers bringing home duck and turkey while Mason fills the table with dove and deer.

They’ve started competing in archery, in fact they took 1st and 2nd place in the women’s division of the local league, and they’ve been asked to start a trap tMM2eam when they enter high school next year. This will be a family affair as their dad Gunnar has been asked to coach it!

 While their personalities are 100% individual, there are some things they agree on: they want to use their positions as California state reps for New Generation Outdoors to educate other kids about hunting and the outdoors and hope to someday have their own TV show.




Favorite wild game recipe: Morgan: Bacon-wrapped BBQ dove stuffed with jalapenos Mason: Goose Enchiladas

If you could only pick ONE gun to shoot for the rest of your life, what would it be? Morgan: The AR15 her dad built her for Christmas Mason: Her Bow, a Diamond Infinite Edge

What’s your favorite snack in the woods? Morgan: Granola bar Mason: Trail mix (with M&Ms)

What’s your favorite music? Morgan: Luke Bryan Mason: Craig Morgan

What’s your favorite movie? Morgan: Quigley Down Under (yep, with Tom Selleck) Mason: Spaceballs!

Bucket List trip: Morgan: Canadian moose hunt Mason: Stag hunt in Ireland Want to follow Morgan & Mason and see what they’re up to? Go to MM3