Girls can’t do what?


Shyanne Roberts story…


By Andy Tolbert


issue 1 2015 1

The first thing you’ll notice when you meet Shyanne is her maturity level and her commitment to her sport. While most 10 year olds are playing with dolls or video games, she’s setting big goals and doing what it takes to get there.

Her first gun may have been a Cricket Rifle when she was 6, but she’s come a long way in those short 4 years and can now be found at local 3-Gun matches. She loves the challenge that shooting gives her, and it’s also been a great way to spend quality time with her Dad, Dan. They often train together and she can often be found doing dry runs, running drills, and trying different approaches to shave some elusive seconds off the clock. Her love of math carries over into her shooting, and long range shots are her favorite (although she wants to get into some trick-shooting as well).

But her training off the range is just as important. In one of her matches the shotgun was so heavy that she had to keep pausing to rest, so she has added strength training such as bench press, sit-ups and pushups to her daily training routine. And what does she do when she has a bad day at the range (like the time her mags kept falling out in the 1st stage)? Calms down, doesn’t quit, thinks positive and just tries her best next time!

She’s gotten tons of support for her chosen sport, including from strong female shooters she met at the Lady Pro-Am 3-Gun who have taken her under their wings, George Reinas (Top Shot Season 2) who is going to coach her on long-range shooting, and even her teacher who showed off a recent magazine article about Shyanne to her whole class. But she also has her share of haters already… people posting things like “dad should be put in jail and the kid taken away” and “I hope it blows up in her face” on her Facebook page. But they don’t stop her… in fact at age 9 she was speaking in front of the New Jersey Senate Law & Public Safety Committee to further gun rights in her home state!

Her advice to other girls (of all ages) thinking of competing? Go Ahead! It’s fun and challenging, you’ll get to go to new places and meet lots of new people. No matter your experience level, if you’re staying safe and getting training, there’s no reason to be intimidated at all.

Keep your eyes on this child prodigy… you’ll be hearing a lot more about her I’m sure!