Gia’s story…


by Andy Tolbert


issue3 2014 1

Who remembers spending some of their younger years hanging out watching a cute boy at his favorite pastime, whether it was baseball, skateboarding, or the guitar? Well, let me introduce you to a 10.5 year old girl who’s turning that childhood memory upside down. Meet Gia Rocco. When Gia’s practicing in her backyard range, some of the boys from the neighborhood come to watch HER!

Gia’s been shooting since she first picked up a BB gun at the age of 5, under supervision of course by her father Adolfo and only after instructions on how to safely handle it. In her short time shooting, she’s made quite a name for herself… not only in her multiple interviews for TV programs, but also competing against adults with years more experience under their belts. While she loves IDPA shooting, her favorite style has always been steel target and she likes the “PING” sound when you hit the steel and the speed shooting that’s also a factor (she can hit 23 targets in 10.2 seconds!)

Even though she’s doing well in her competitions, her schedule isn’t always easy. Many other youth shooters are home schooled, but Gia attends a regular school in Texas so it’s sometimes hard to get away for out of town competitions. Another challenge is not only having the funding to travel to the competitions, but also to buy the thousands of rounds of practice ammo she goes through in a month (when they can even find it). But just like her motto, “Don’t Give Up!” Gia is selling Gia Rocco, Zombie Hunter T-shirts as a fundraiser for her expenses.

Her advice for girls of ANY age that are thinking about entering a shooting competition is simple: be safe, have fun, and don’t give up! And remember this experience will help if you’re actually ever in a situation that you need to use your gun in defense.