Kristine’s Story

By Kerry Cordy


issue 1 2014 1

Kristine Cordy … a Butterfly Level Frontier Girl, has been hunting with her dad since she was small, but never did any of the shooting herself. This year, at age 13, she got her hunting license as part of the work on her Hunting Badge through Frontier Girls.

Kristine lives on 40 acres in rural Northern California amid a variety of wild game such as pigs, turkeys, dove, ducks, rabbit, and deer. While she has grown up around hunting and target shooting, she never had an interest in hunting herself until a family friend and her dad started showing her how to clean and butcher the animals.

As part of her Hunting Badge, Kristine has also helped make several camouflaged blinds as well as a raised archery platform for shooting. She has learned to shoot a variety of firearms including a 22, an air rifle, and a 223 and has even tried her hand at archery. Learning to recognize various tracks of local game as well as their habits was also part of the badge. She even learned how to use a turkey call.

In addition to hands on skills, Kristine learned about things like the hunting laws and seasons in her area as well as animal conservation and sustainable hunting. She learned about proper camouflage and visited a variety of sportsman shops to learn about other hunting products as well and even watched a live presentation on training hunting dogs.

While Kristine has yet to make her first kill, she has become quite skilled at cleaning and butchering pigs, turkeys and dove as well as cooking the animals for a tasty dinner (much to the delight of her family!)

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