Girls Can’t Do What?! Ashlynne Thomas

Girls Can’t Do What?!


Ashlynne Thomas


How many young girls do you know of who get their first firearm at the age of 10, is a competitive shooter a year later, and even has a sponsor? We know one young lady in Texas who has done just that! We would like to introduce you to Ashlynne Thomas, an up and coming young competitive shooter:


TAWS: Do you have siblings? Do any of them shoot?


Yes, I do have a sibling, her name is Abbee Thomas. Yes, she does shoot, and we have a Remington 597 rifle that she shoots.


TAWS: Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it?


My nickname is Ash. My parents gave it to me because it is a whole lot easier to pronounce than my full name.

TAWS: Where are you from?


I was born in Santa Barbara CA, then I moved to Texas when I was 7.


TAWS: How did you get your start in the shooting sport? How old were you?


I got my first gun for Christmas one year ago when I was 10, and ever since then I have been shooting. I have been doing competitive shooting for the last 3 months.

TAWS: Do you hunt?


I have not been able to hunt yet, but I am hoping to soon. If I don’t get to do it this year it will be on the list to do next year.


TAWS: How often do you practice?


I practice every night or every other night, and Sunday when it is not freezing cold.

TAWS: What do you love most about shooting?


I really like competing in matches because they are challenging and a lot of fun.

TAWS: What do you wear at your matches?


Right now, I wear my Battle Rifle Company shirt with gray pants. I also have a Scorpion competition belt that I use and a Black Dog Ruger holster. I am waiting for my jersey to come in January.

TAWS: What is your passion outside of shooting?


I love to read and write, and be outdoors.


TAWS: Are your classmates surprised that you shoot?


Yes, the classmates that I have told, are very surprised that I love to shoot guns for fun and in competition as well.


TAWS: What was your best shooting day?


My best shooting days are Sundays, when I get to learn on how to fix my mistakes.

TAWS: Who inspires you?


My parents, my grandparents, and my teachers as well.


TAWS: What is your favorite subject in school?


My favorite subject in school would have to be Social Studies. I have an awesome teacher.


TAWS: What is the last book you read?


Mal’s Spell Book