Women Shooters Across America

Women Shooters Across America

My motto is, “Be someone who makes everybody feel like somebody.” Supporting and encouraging others is so important. Celebrating someone else’s victories in no way takes away from your own. I think people often forget that. As women we’ve got to lift each other up! There are so many things in life that can weigh you down; and a few positive words can make such an impact on someone!”–Joni Marie

“Make sure you find someone who inspires you and is a mentor to you. When you first get started people may beat you, but that’s only because they have been shooting longer. Never give up and perfect practice makes perfect. You can’t get better by just having a regular boring practice. You need to make it fun and put your all into it so you can get better.” –Kaylea Wren

“Stop waiting till you are ready or better, because the fact of the matter is that you will never get there. You won’t know what you have to work on till you get out to a match. If you are dead last, then so be it! You will be far better off leaving a match with some newfound knowledge and experience than some paper certificate saying that I beat two other lady shooters who are just as inexperienced. I want to be good, not “ good for a girl” and that is going to take time and work. Time and work. And, lots and lots of ammo.’–Danielle Vermeulen

“I like the challenge of making myself a better shot. I compete with myself, not others. I like the strategy involved in action shooting sports. I know I must work hard to be more accurate and gain speed. Something I love about the shooting sports is the chance to help other females get into the sport. I really enjoy helping new shooters at matches. I wish more females would get involved and give the sport a chance.”–Emily Robinson

“Honesty and Integrity are the fundamentals that I believe in with all my heart. I find that beauty for everything is appreciated and found when there is truth and honesty. When I am hunting I am not looking to win any beauty pageant, I find myself beautiful by what I experience and what is given to me on every journey I embark on. I find beauty in the outdoors and on the smiles of first time hunters.” —Kimberly Snyder

“I love the way archery makes me feel and the challenge. I started heavily shooting archery last year to cope with an autoimmune disease I have called, Eosinophilic Esophagitis. I can’t eat a lot of what others eat and get sick often. My Mom bought me a compound bow to help me cope. Being able to shoot a bow makes me feel strong and healthy. I also love the challenge archery presents. Hitting targets and managing the adrenaline that comes with it makes me feel tough, like I can do anything.” —Meredith Rogers

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