Whole Wheat Whitetails for the Royal Icing

WholeWheatWhitetailsFor theRoyal Icing(decorates4discsofbakedgingerbreadcookies)3eggwhites,roomtemp¼tspcreamoftartar4cupspowderedsugar1tspvanillafoodcoloringsilver dragées,optionalDetails:Add the egg whites to a dry electric mixing bowl; beat on med speed with whisk until foamy, ~ 30 sec; add the cream of tartar, beat ~ 30 sec; stop the mixer; add the powdered sugar; beat on low speed until the sugar is incorporated; scrape the sides; beat on high speed ~ 2 min until glossy; add the vanilla; beat ~ 20 sec Divide and transfer the royal icing into separate bowls for each desired color Mix a few drops of food coloring into each bowl until desired colors are achieved Transfer each icing color to separate pastry bags, fitted with decorating tips, or a Ziploc bag with a small hole cut at the corner; pipe the icing (see next page), and allow it to dry; store iced cookies in Tupperware or cookie jars
Royal GingerbreadWhitetailsFor theGingerbreadCookies(4discsofdough,~40–48cookies):1cupbutter,softened1cupbrownsugar,firmlypacked1cupmolasses1tspfineseasalt1Tbsvanilla1egg4 ½cupswholewheatflour1Tbsgroundginger1Tbsunsweetenedcocoa1tspVietnamesecinnamon1tspfreshgroundnutmeg1tspbaking sodaDetails:preheat oven to 350 ºF (bake), see sugars & flours in Lessons, page Error!Bookmarknotdefined.Add the butter and brown sugar to an electric mixing bowl; mix on med-high speed with paddle for ~ 4 min until the sugar is dissolved into the butter Scrape the butter down from the sides; add the molasses, salt, and vanilla; mix on med speed ~ 1 min; scrape down the sides, add the egg; mix on low speed ~ 1 min Whisk the flour, ginger, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, and baking soda together Add half of the flour blend to the butter mixture; mix on low speed until the flour is absorbed; remove the bowl from the mixer and scrape the paddle clean; add the remaining flour; mix gently with a wooden spoon until the flour disappears Allow the flour to hydrate by sitting for ~ 10 min; transfer to a nonstick surface; fold the dough gently a few times to ensure the flour is incorporated; form 4 discs, ~ ½”thick; wrap each in saran wrap; refrigerate for at least 4 hr (or freeze) Remove one disc at a time from fridge to keep others chilled; transfer a disc to a floured nonstick surface (Silpat is best); roll the dough between the nonstick surface and saran wrap to ~ ¼” thick; adjust saran between each roll to help it stretch; sprinkle flour below the dough as needed (flour eases transfer) Cut out shapes; transfer cut-outs to a nonstick baking sheet Repeat with other discs on a floured surface; reroll leftover dough up to 3 times Bake for 6 min; remove from oven; allow cookies to cool first on the pan for 6 min; then, transfer cookies directly to a wire rack to cool completely Pipe a thin outline of Royal Icing (recipe at left) around the perimeter of each cookie; pipe borders, and fill them in with colors to decorate; top with dragées (edible metallic confection), colored sugar, sprinkles, or real chocolate sprinkles
NOTE:Gingerbread cookies are a great gift and the color is perfect for whitetails

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