The “Good Ol’ Days” By  LaDonna Lowe

Aw the good old days! How many of you have ever heard your parents say that? Well I have and now I am saying it. I grew up in a small rural town in Arkansas that was so small there were only 30 in my high school graduating class. We didn’t get a red light until after I was married and had kids. It was a time that you can only dream of now. We never locked our doors and slept with our windows open. I would never dream of doing that today. My mother in law still lives that way, much to my dismay.  She always leaves her keys in her car along with a gas credit card. Now I know what you are thinking… why on earth would someone do that? She is in her 80s and has lived in this way her whole life. She has lived on her own since her husband passed in 1985 and is a very stubborn woman.

car_theftSo why am I telling you all this? Well to show you how bad things can happen quickly. Recently a young man that was on drugs and was running from police much of his adult life needed a car and happened upon my mother in laws car parked at her house.  He took the car and thank God did not go into her home where she was sleeping.  The next day he drove that car, lost control, hit a tree and killed himself.  Am I sad that he was killed … yes.  He was a young man on the wrong path and had his life cut short.  But I do believe that he was on a path that was going to lead to his early death by one means or another.

Now what does this have to do with self-protection? Well let me explain. We all get comfortable and complacent with things we do every day. We get lax on being aware of our surroundings whether it is at home, at a restaurant or at work. And just like my mother in law who never dreamed that someone would steal her car, bad things happen to all of us when we least expect it. My mother in law now blames herself for that young man’s death. Ask yourself if because you become comfortable and you now have to defend yourself, are you ready for that responsibility? We must be ready to defend ourselves and our family at all times. But don’t let your complacency make it worse than it has to be.

A few things that you need to always keep in mind and should become second nature to you.  When you enter a restaurant pay attention to where the exits are. Sit with your back to a wall so you have a clear line of sight to the exit. Never go out in a dark parking lot alone. If there is something under your windshield wiper, do not get back out of your car to remove it. Move to a lighted area around others to remove it if you are already in the car. Lock your car doors as soon as you get in. Have a word that each person in your family knows that when you say that word everyone knows what to do without question. Work out a plan and make sure everyone knows what to do when you do say that word…whether at home or in a restaurant etc. Practice with your kids so they know what to do

These are just a few things that we can and do become complacent with and it can lead to bad things happening.

Stay alert and stay safe.

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