Meet Author & Advocate Natalie Foster

Meet Author & Advocate Natalie Foster

by: Andy Morales


Natalie Foster is a positive light in a nation caught between two seemingly unchanging and uncompromising forces in the ongoing gun debate. She brings a dream of building and increasing personal relationships rather than keeping things as they are. Imagine what those relationships could become if old barriers are torn down?  That is her quest.


Her dream is built on a very important milestone in her life. The dream came from the desire to build a deeper relationship with her father and brothers, and she felt the best way was to take part in something that was very important in their already-established relationship: shooting.


“My father is a very impressive guy with solid character,” Foster explained. “I just wanted to be around him more so I asked him to take me shooting with him. It was one of the first times I personally experienced the barriers coming down between me and my brothers.”


Foster described herself as “girly”, while her father and brothers experienced outdoor activities together. The best part? They all found out she was a good shot, and they found out together. It was an experience that she would draw upon when she became a gun advocate.

Natalie Foster - Cover Shot

Foster was born in Mexico due to her father’s medical studies, and then grew up in Texas and attended Baylor University. She took a chance and moved to California to pursue her initial dream of producing and working in film.  She was aware of political issues such as the Second Amendment, but she believed that notion was a right, not a political issue at all. But trips to Europe while she was in college, along with living in California, opened her eyes to the other side of the debate.


“I went out to Los Angeles to find fame and fortune like a lot of others, with a plan of only staying a couple of years,” she said. “But I discovered I was a beach girl at heart.

Then, I would meet people who told me they were against guns and I kind of came back full circle to what I was able to do with my dad and I convinced a few to go to the range with me,” she added. “I am very proud that I am able to show women that the experience is empowering and also fun.”


Then a light went off in her head during a visit to her parent’s home in Texas. If she could help one or two at a time, maybe she could reach more?


“I went to my parent’s room and told them of my idea of writing a book called a ‘Girl’s Guide to Guns’ and asked them what they thought,” she said. “They felt it was something I could do that was very purposeful and we were all very excited about it.”

NFoster Inside

Foster learned to write by just going out and writing. She started her blog,, and she did some research on whom she should interview and she came upon the name Julie Golob through a simple Google search.


Golob is the only six Division USPSA National Champion in history. A former competitor in the Army, Golob is obviously one of the top shooters in the world.


“I got in touch with her and I traveled to my first Shot Show in Las Vegas so I could meet her in person,” Foster said. “I asked her if I could pursue a career in this area and she told me there was more to learn about guns than there is to know about cars. I never thought of it that way before.”


Foster was on her way. She became a NRA commentator, completed two seasons of the NRA Women’s Network offering, ‘Love At First Shot!’, and is a leader in all aspects of the growing field of making guns and accessories more appealing to women.


She calls it “Finding the Fabulous in Firearms” on her blog.


Foster has taken a break from her work and her blog to care for her infant son, but she promises to be back on the scene and will be offering a children’s book on gun safety this spring.  She has been busy with other projects, though. “My new favorite gun is my Girl’s Guide/Devil Dog AR-15. We worked very hard on it and I’m excited about our signature edition coming out this month. Also, I love shooting the Sphinx handgun I bought my husband for our wedding”, she says.



Her positive outlook on increasing awareness of the Second Amendment has made her a sought-after expert (although she doesn’t feel she is one) on the explosion of women taking up the sport. She has appeared on all major cable news outlets and also had an appearance on the Dr. Drew Show.


She is one of the few advocates of gun issues that has, for the most part, escaped being characterized as a “bad guy” by gun control advocates. Perhaps it’s because she is a natural. Although she feels there’s a place for the “fight”, she knows she can get more accomplished by just being herself.


“My ultimate goal is to get others to go out and try it and have fun,” Foster said. “See a different aspect of life and open your mind to see things in a different way.”