lizzie4             My name is Elizabeth C. Ogles. But, most everyone calls me Lizzie B. It’s a name I inherited from one of my great great grandmothers. I’m ten years old and the youngest in my family. Being the baby isn’t so bad. I have a great group to look up to, my parents, brother, and two older sisters.

My dad used to shoot competitively when he was younger. He started taking my brother, my two sisters, and I to the range with him. I think I was six on my first visit. It wasn’t the first time I’d held a gun or even knew the safety rules. No, my parents started that the moment I was born. They both have extensive dealings with guns, and they wanted to take the curiosity away. It was in those days, weeks, months, and years that my love of shooting was born. Then I watched as my older sister (by a few months) competed. I knew it was something we could do together but, in our own ways. It’s made us even closer.

I continued going to the range with my dad and family through the years. Then, last year it lizzie3was my time to shine. I shot my first match several months ago. Starting with a Steel Challenge, then USPSA matches, and Georgia ICORE. Revolver matches are my favorite. I also like to go hunting for dove and deer. I’m hoping to go wild boar hunting one day. I also have received my NORI certification and I feel accomplished in that.

I love all aspects of the shooting sports and the people I’ve met along the way. There are a few things I don’t like. Early morning matches…come on, mornings are not my thing unless there is lots of coffee! Cleaning my guns, hate it. Yes, it has to be done, and I do it, but it is not my favorite thing.

Some people look at me, my age, my size and think, “Oh, your parents make you do this.” They’re wrong! I love shooting. I like the people in the shooting sports and the friends made. I like that it’s about my hard work. Shooting is not the only thing I like to do. I love to dance. I belong to The Steps of Faith Dance Company and hope to go on to college and take dance. I’ve even started looking at colleges that will allow me to take these two sports that I love and continue on with them. Can you imagine, taking dance and being on a shooting team in college? A Lizzie1dream come true for this girl!

In a match you’ll find me wearing my “tactical tiara” and as I’ve recently discovered a “tactical tutu”,  you’ll see me in that also. So, if you’re ever in Georgia, come on out and shoot with me. We can dance our way through a few stages and have some fun.