Girls Can’t Do What?! Ashlynn Greene

Hi! My name is Ashlynn Greene, a 14 year old Sig Sauer shooter and owner of a Sig P320. I absoluimage1tely love shooting it! I’ve fired pistols and rifles since I was 8 years old, but did not get into competitive shooting until I was fourteen.

A great mentor & someone I truly look up to (and shoots for Team Sig)is Tracie Rushing.  If it was not for her I would not be where I am now.  She gave me the confidence to get into shooting.

As of now, I am the only junior shooter to be sponsored by D&R Gunsmithing and Sales. It is a HUGE honor to be sponsored by such an amazing group of shooters and I look forward to shooting with them and training with them. I’m currently in training to build up speed and swiftness for reloading mags, getting on sight with my pistol, and trusting myself to draw my pistol and many more things. Two of my best coaches, Shane Cox and Michael Gorby, are teaching me new things about my pistol that I can make better, such as my grip. I’m very grateful and I’ve already made a huge improvement because of them. I couldn’t thank them enough. I hope to shoot with them and D&R in future matches to come. I’ve been told I (and all women)can’t shoot, I’ll be happy to prove to those people that they are wrong. What makes me hapimage2py about shooting is that I know I can always trust my gun and allow myself to trust it.

That’s why I love Sigs. If it wasn’t for 2 Sigs, my dad would have been killed in the service. It was with the help of those 2 Sigs that I’m able to hold my dad today. My gun is probably the only thing I can trust to protect mimage3e when I’m alone. I am being raised to NOT be a victim in life. I am a very proud gun enthusiast and when I am 21, I will get my CWP and will carry my pistol.

I will never be a victim; I will be a educated,confident, armed woman who will encourage other women to carry. My P320 is the best pistol I’ve ever fired in my years of shooting. May not be many years but I have shot a lot of different pistols. I don’t think there will be any way someone could persuade me to trade in my pistol for another. I will never trade in my pistol, rather I’ll just buy another pistol or any other gun that I like such as the Sig 1911 3.3” 9mm. In other words, I’m never trading in my P320 for anything, not even for a million dollars! I’d rather keep my favorite pistol than get money for it.