Straight Shootin’ Jan/Feb

Straight Shootin’  Jan/Feb


QUESTION:  Tell me how you really feel about the color PINK in the shooting industry as it relates to women.




Julie:  “Quite frankly, I think it’s a bunch of nonsense.  I’m not ten years old, and my gun isn’t a Barbie doll.  If anyone wants to modify their gun with color, stippling, sights, rails, lights, etc., that’s their prerogative.  But for an entire industry to attach a color to a particular gender for marketing purposes is just so antiquated.  I’m hoping there will be more current and forward-thinking marketing toward women showcased at the 2016 Shot Show.  And if the industry needs a little R&D assistance, I’m sure there would be more than enough female volunteers to help in their endeavor.”



Sheila: OK, I’m going to be brutally honest here: I do not like it! It’s not about the color…I do like the color pink. I wear pink on occasion. I like pink on baby girls. But…not for my gun. Not for my range bag. Not for my camo clothing. I do not like it here or there. I do not like it anywhere in relation to my guns. (Channeling my inner Dr. Seuss!) I am not opposed to the trend of personalization of one’s guns and gear, and I applaud women who would prefer to carry a pink gun rather than no gun at all. But…in this case, pink just doesn’t do it for me. I also think that it sends an awkward message that the item is gender specific simply because it is pink in color. The notion is ridiculous. I buy my guns and gear because they function well for me and my needs, not for the color. I don’t think that it makes me any less “feminine” because my gun and range bag are basic black. On the other hand, I don’t mind shooting pink shotgun shells. They hit the target just as well as any other color!


Briden: I know this will have mixed reviews, but my opinion of pink in the industry is, “Personal preference reigns above all else.”  I love the color pink, and although I would prefer a Tiffany Blue handgun, I will never speak poorly of another’s choice to carry in color.

I love the diversity in every woman’s choices, and celebrate the fact that they are carrying at all. It is awesome to see women express themselves in everything they do. A firearm is a personal choice, and I support tactical and feminine equally. After all, a firearm when used properly will do the job…despite the color. I say “ Bring on the pink!”