Straight Shootin’ During the Holidays

 Straight Shootin’

With the holidays approaching and cooler weather coming into play, our concealed carry choices may be modified from our summer favorites. Depending on our layers or on zipper locations on sweatshirts / jackets, our concealed carry option may be covered by more or heavier garments. Have you practiced deployment from a deeper concealment pTruckee_riverosition, and what’s your favorite carry position for winter weather?

Tarra: I always practice holster changes to retain my muscle memory. I like to practice them to become smoother in my draw without flagging myself or others along with cutting my draw time down. My favorite deep conceal would be a standard belly band. My back-up is an ankle holster that I wear throughout the winter, and I love it as well.
Sheila: For me, my CCW option remains the same. I prefer a corset-style holster and carry in the appendix area. My daily “uniform” consists of jeans and a shirt/sweater. I usually don’t tuck in my shirts, so it’s the same motion to draw, even with a few layers. If, for some reason, I need to wear a heavy jacket for an extended time outdoors, I move to a soft leather holster and carry inside the lapel pocket of the jacket, which is zippered. The holster has a clip for a belt, but I have found that it can easily clip to some excess material inside the lapel pocket, which then provides enough stability for a draw.
Julie: I’ve never really practiced deployment from a jacket pocket, so for me that’s not an option downloadat this point. However, I think it’s a skill I’d like to acquire and practice. All of my heavier winter jackets are waist-length, allowing me to pull the bottom of the jacket upwards along with my undergarments in order to get to my IWB (inside the waistband) carry position, whether appendix or back hip area.

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