By: Charr Cee


Hey All! ManCapturey have asked what I carry in my range bag. We obviously have the necessities such as extra ammo, cleaning supplies, sanitizer, etc… BUT let’s get down to the nitty gritty stuff!

  • Ear Protection: 3M Peltor TEP-100 Tactical Earplug Kit. THE BEST THING that’s ever came out for ear pros! This thing is absolutely amazing! Fits comfortably with a portable charging case.
  • Eye Protection: Peltor! Peltor all the way, for the price and quality they’re my go to.


  • Medical Kit: Better safe than sorry! It’s so imperative that everyone has a medical kit with them everIMG_9149ywhere they go. This kit comes with me not only at the range but with my other outdoor activities. This complete kit comes with compressed gauze, combat gauze, Nitrile gloves, nasal airway, HALO Seals, a mylar blanket, polycarbonate eyeshield, etc… This med kit is from Dark Angel Medical a Veteran owned business and MADE IN THE USA.


  • Multi-tool: My America Grip DAGGER multi-tool comes in so handy for my 5.56/.223. This is a light weight tool and helps with any real-time repairs needed while at home or on the range. Carbon scraper, flat blade points that are compatible with most optics, and these are MADE IN THE USA of Rugged Stainless and Spring steel. IMG_9148
  • Custom Knife: I carry a knife with me everywhere I go as well. This one is my custom Wright Sharp Blades knife. I’m an outdoors enthusiast so having a cutting tool with me and immediately accessible is a very crucial component of being prepared to handle any situation that may arise. IMG_9146
  • Sunscreen: Since I relocated to Arizona I have sunscreen with me all the time since I’m always outdoors! The development of melanoma (skin cancer) is related to sun exposure or ultraviolet radiation. The spray is a lot more convenient for me since I have to re-apply every 2 hours depending on my activity.
  • Lipstick/lip gloss: Well just because you still have to have a balance of being a girl right?IMG_9145 IMG_9143 IMG_9142

It was a pleasure sharing what was in my Death Dealer Tactical range back in the DIVA edition! Stay safe and be vigilant!


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