Eye on the Target Radio

by Amanda Suffecool

Eye on the Target Radio by Amanda Suffecool Amanda Suffecool presents the softer side of shooting as the hostess of a gun themed radio Q & A show that is expanding to three hours due to growing popularity. Based in Akron Ohio and broadcast on WNIR 100.1fm, The live show ‘Eye on the Target Radio’ (www.EyeOnTheTargetRadio. com) with it’s call in format, has a different theme each week and invites experts to serve as guest presenters. Rob Campbell serves as co-host and the informative pair will soon be joined by Karen Golic, wife of pro-football player Bob Golic. The show, like many programs offered by Amanda and Rob through their gun shop and firing range, Targething (www., has a special focus for women, encouraging women callers to ask anything.

The show moves in many different directions that relate to gun owners often following the question of a caller. It is lively, entertaining and hardly ever follows the daily format sheet. It has a data structure supported by a network that include constitutionalists, 2nd Amendment Advocacy groups, the Ohio based, and online gun forums to keep the show current with accurate information. The hosts work with Linda Walker, NRA (National Rifle Association) Board of Directors to maintain cutting edge information on changes in laws and advances in firearms. All of this allows the show to move from the history of 1911’s, to the proper stance, to prepping and on to current politics in a fast paced, fun and informative three hours.

Devotion to educating the public about the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment led Amanda to spearhead the creation of REALIZE Firearms Awareness Coalition, a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 tax designation. Donations to REALIZE are tax amandadeductible and REALIZE uses the radio show to inform the public of challenges to the Second Amendment and to announce REALIZE events such as free firearms appraisals, a CCL fashion show, and car shoot. (www.REALIZEfac. com )



Amanda and Rob are instructors as well as Radio personalities with NRA, FEMA and Response Options Active Shooter (A.L.I.C.E.) experience. Rob Campbell has extraordinary knowledge about guns and answers caller’s questions about specific guns accurately and immediately. Amanda’s experience as instructor shows in clear answers that explain even difficult concepts. Karen’s smooth radio persona mixed with no nonsense conservative stance gives the show a well-rounded feel. The live show is best, but if you are not in NE Ohio on Sunday afternoon, the show is archived as a podcast and pushed to free iTunes subscriptions.