The Warrior Pack is a new style of concealed-carry purse that features an adjustable strap system that allows you to change the way you carry to suit your outfit, occasion, or mood! The Warrior Pack and Sassy Pack allow eight different ways to carry. Use the pack as a purse, thigh holster, shoulder holster, protected purse, handbag, backpack, fanny pack or messenger bag.REVCREJBQ0QzRDkxQjdCMjdFOUU6OTY0MGZjYWM1YmI3ZGVjMTBmMzIyM2I1OWQ3ZDhmZDE6Ojo6OjA=

The Warrior Creek Pack comes with its own dust cover, as fine bags do. The Warrior Creek style for this review has inside bands to secure your concealed carry. It’s made of high quality leather and hardware. The Pack has a wallet securely attached with a chain, sized perfectly for your concealed carry license and other cards. The wallet fits inside the fold-over magnetized flap compartment. There are other rings throughout the pack to clip any additional items. The Pack’s waist strap adjust from a size 0 up 58” circumference.

The Warrior Pack has a large zippered compartment behind the foldover flap. Inside the heavy-duty magnet flap are two compartments. ThREVCREJBQ0QzRDkxQjdCMjdFOUU6M2UxMDU3NjA2MmVjNTQ3NGViMTk4OTRlMjExMWM0M2I6Ojo6OjA=e first compartment has a smaller double elastic band for smaller firearms with or without a holster. It easily holds a Sig P238 securely inside it’s holster. The second compartment also has a double elastic band for larger firearms. The two differently sized bands give you different concealed storage options.

The company will even customize your Pack to your holster so that it is a perfect fit!

It is great for everyday carry, and much more convenient than REVCREJBQ0QzRDkxQjdCMjdFOUU6N2QzYzM0NDNkOTBjNGU2ZWViMTM3Y2RjYzYxZDM4YTk6Ojo6OjA=carrying a purse all day!

With the Warrior Pack your carry is securely attached to your body and is secure in the bag. You can draw from the bag in one fluid motion, one handed! It eliminates the issue of going to the restroom and having to hold on to your firearm if it’s clipped IWB. You’ll never forget your carry. If you have children, this bag is ideal in many ways. Most importantly that the child doesn’t have access to your purse–or your carry– without your knowledge because it is ATTACHED TO YOU at all times! (Of course, as responsible adults with children, we all know to lock up our firearms when not in use.)

So ladies, these are the most important issues that we women normally face with concealed carry, that are NO longer issues when you use the Warrior Creek Pack. Enjoy!

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