See All Open Sight Review

See All Open Sight Review 

by Sheila Rockwell

See All Open Site

The See All Open Sight is an interesting concept, indeed. It’s small, lightweight, and requires no batteries. Out of the box, it takes just a few minutes to install on any weapon with a Picatinny or Weaver rail system. Yes, this means that this sight can be used universally on your rifle, shotgun, handgun, airgun….crossbow…etc. It attaches rather easily by sliding it onto the rail and then tightening the two Allen screws with the included attachment tool. There is virtually no“sighting-in”, though there are adjustments for windage and elevation. It’s an Open sight, so there is no magnification of your target. Instead, it replaces the use of traditional iron sights.

Does it work? Yes. Line up the tip of the black triangle with your target, pull the trigger, and that is where the bullet will go.

Is it easy to use? Yes. No electronics and no batteries means that the sight can be exposed to water or the elements without worry of failure. The sight has a simple, rugged design and appears perfectly durable for range or hunting use.

See All Open Site

There is no sight picture whatsoever below the tip of the triangle on the sight. You cannot see anything through the green glass that surrounds the triangle. In extreme low light conditions, there isno light source or illuminated reticle. If using a weapon-mounted light, the light source is too far in front of the sight tobeof use.

Overall: This product gets a thumbs-up from me, for ease of use, reliability, and price-point. Inmy opinion, newer shooters may benefit most from this product asit will help with accurate target acquisition. Would I recommend itto replace a competition optic? No.

Will it replace a magnified hunting scope? No. But it’s great for range use and close-range hunting with rifle and shotgun. Use asone would a red-dot scope. Atabout$100 MSRP, itis a nice addition to your firearm without breaking the bank, and would make a welcome gift under the tree for the firearms enthusiast on your Christmas list!

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