I received the “Sharon” bag to review from Urban Moxy and my first impression, out of the box, was, “FINALLY, a concealed-carry handbag that doesn’t scream “concealed carry handbag!” The bag is stylish and classy in appearance, no bedazzled crosses or kitsch, which is a huge plus in my book. The “concealed carry” pocket is on the back side of the bag, and is really not “concealed’ at all…it just looks like an exterior pocket. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the zipper has a tiny lock. The concealed carry pocket, or as Urban Moxy calls it, “The Lock-It Pocket”, is amply sized, and my Sig P239 fit easily inside with room for a spare magazine. It is lined with thick neoprene, eliminating the need for an additional holster,  and has a downward, angled cant, enabling a quick, smooth draw. When the gun is in the purse, there is no sagging or printing. I love having the dedicated firearm pocket. I would easily be able to unzip the pocket while walking to my car and have my hand inside without being totally obvious. If I felt that there was no time to draw, my hand had plenty of room to wrap around the grip and fire through the bag if necessary. (Though it would be a shame to put a hole in such a pretty bag!) When not in use, you can lock the pocket to deter unwanted access to the firearm. Then unlock it when you are ready to go for quick access to your weapon.

The bag has two short handles and comes with a long shoulder strap.The bag’s dimensions are 16x12x5 with an 8.5” strap drop length.

I used the strap and wore the bag cross-body style to ensure that I could access the gun pocket without fumbling. After a few tries, it was easy to find the pocket and draw. I did have to do some maneuvering of my other purse contents, as they would press against the sides of the bag and create bulges against the gun pocket that may have been a potential problem with a quick draw. All it took was some simple rearranging of my other purse contents, and the problem was easily solved.

The “Sharon” has two large, roomy pockets, a center large zippered pocket, a small side interior zippered pocket, and two smaller side interior pouches. The main compartment closes with a magnetic button. The bottom is sturdy and formed. The hardware is simple, silver in color,  & chain-style accents give it an edgy look. Exterior is a faux leather, interior is lined.

I love the style and clean lines of the bag. It appears to be well-made and sturdy, capable of handling my “everyday load” of essentials. I love that it does not look like a concealed carry bag, that it is not a granny bag, and that it is versatile and roomy. I do not normally purse carry, but I could definitely see myself using this bag for that purpose, without fear of my weapon getting mixed up with my other items, printing, or falling out at an inopportune time. On a scale of 1-5, I give the Urban Moxy’s “Sharon” purse a rating of 4.5! I would have liked a bit longer of a strap to more comfortably cross-body carry, but that is just a personal preference.

The “Sharon” retails for $99.95 and is available at