Choosing the Best Shooting Footwear


You might be headed to your local indoor range or planning an outdoor shooting adventure.  Here’s a guide to the footwear you should consider depending on what type of shooting you plan to do.

  1. Athletic/Tennis Shoes

Best Use: Indoor shooting with little to minimal movement2

Your gym shoes will work great for a day of shooting at your local indoor range.  They will provide you the comfort you need but also keep you from slipping on what is usually a concrete and tile floor. Keep in mind these are also your best go-to if your headed outdoors and don’t have any of these other options.

  1. Hiking or Trail Shoes

Best Use: Indoor or outdoor shooting with mild to moderate movement4

A good pair of hiking boots are perfect for your outdoor shooting day.  Since they are basically3 made for uneven, varying types of terrain they have just the right amount of tread to keep you well balance before and during any potential ‘run and gun’ moments. You can find Merrell’s like these and many more brands at an outdoor retail shop like REI.

  1. Softball Cleats6

Best Use: Outdoor with moderate to high movement

If you’ve found yourself getting more into outdoor practical shooting, cleats are likely your next footwear purchase.  When it comes to being slip proof, cleats are where it’s a5t! You will feel invincible when running outdoors with these bad boys.  You can find a pair at your local athletic store, average price for a new pair is about $40.


  1. Salomon Speedcross 3

Best Use: Ev7erything!

These bad boys are all around great shoes, perfect for indoor or outdoor shooting.  With a fit like an athletic shoe but tread like cleats, you can pretty much wear them anywhere. The cons are they are relatively expensive at about $130 a pair plus the tread wears out pretty quick.  If you do decide to splurge for a pair it’s best to only wear them at the range to extend their useful life.8