Common Sense With Fashion Sense For Self Defense

by Jay Newton

Ladies, if you’re tired of all-black, hard plastic, ‘Tacti-Cool’, concealed carry gear, say hello to Can Can Concealment, LLC®! Can Can is a new family owned and operated company that specializes in high-quality, secure, elegant concealed-carry wear for discerning women!

After completing a four-day concealed weapons course in the Nevada desert, owner/founder Darlene Cahill became frustrated looking for a holster…she wanted something that was not only utilitarian, but comfortable and pretty.

For the first months of 2013 she designed, produced and tested numerous prototypes until the Classic HipHugger, Garter, and Corset-Holsters were born. From a humble debut in July of that year, Darlene responded to overwhelming customer feedback to add a holster for full size service pistols called The Big SheBang!™, and their new Unisex, Urban-Utility Sport Belt. With Can Can, women have a variety of sophisticated options in sizes small through extra large that are comfortable, safe and decidedly feminine.Capture

Cahill says Can Can’s mission statement is simple – ‘to help women protect themselves and the ones they love by providing a secure, comfortable, stylish holstering system that they’ll want to use every day.’ Darlene emphasizes, “We believe what’s most important in our holster…is the Woman who’s wearing it.”

All Can Can Concealment, LLC® products are designed and Hand-Made in the USA with safety and comfort in mind. Every holster contains three rows of hook and eye closure for the perfect fit, military grade elastic that conforms to a woman’s body, magnetic weapon retention for extra security, hypo-allergenic Non-Slip Tacti-Grip™ keeps every holster in place and Patent-Pending Re-Holstering tabs! All Can Can Concealment, LLC® holsters are equipped with multiple pockets for front, back, right, left or cross draw. Their holsters will accommodate from two to four firearms, with additional pockets for spare mags, knives, pepper spray or cell phone.

Can Can Concealment, LLC® offers a safe and comfortable line of lingerie-inspired concealed-carry gear, designed and manufactured for women, by women. Understanding that personal protection is serious business, Can Can Concealment, LLC® has developed a safe, sophisticated self-defense system that fits women, and their wardrobes, like a glove. For more information, visit