A Few of Our Favorite Things- Shot Show Edition

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things!


Kuba Kickz are small, lightweight plastic spiked inserts that fit on top of the tongue of your shoe and under the laces. They are hardly noticeable, come in varied colors, and deliver a non-lethal, yet devastatingly effective punch (or kick!) when used as a self-defense tool.  Made by Fury Tactical, these are perfect for joggers, students, hospital workers—anyone who can deliver a kick in self-defense could find these useful! Priced at about $15, they are an economic way to add another layer of personal security. I ordered the clear ones from









One of the coolest T-Shirts we’ve ever seenkubakickz


— the OFFHAND GEAR logo black long-sleeved tee!  Soft, comfortable tee has the “OffHand Gear” logo printed in Metallic Gun Metal Ink on left side. Graphic Wraps from front to back of tee. Retails for $29.95, comes in Ladies’ and Men’s sizes. 100% cotton, made in the USA! Order from


Can-Can Concealment’s Classic Hip-Hugger holster. We just LOVE this one! This belly band style accommodates up to 4 compact firearms less than 28.5 oz each and room for 3 mags. It is discreet, comfortable, and well-made. Choose from 4 available accent colors on a black band, or versatile tan color. Priced at $79.00, available from Other sizes/designs available, too!


LaserLyte Cartridge Laser Trainer—Designed to match popular calibers, the new Laser Trainer Cartridge fits inside the pistol chamber and features a firing-pin activated switch that indicates bullet impact with a bright red laser dot. You can train with your own gun anywhere!  Each Laser Trainer Cartridge easily installs into the firing chamber in seconds, works regardless of barrel length and does not stick out of the barrel. I found one on sale at Midway USA for $67.88!


Guns Out Leggings! We couldn’t resist, because how cute are these?! Features screen printed guns on each leg. Cotton/spandex blend, available in sizes XS-3X., MSRP $24.99.


Saf-T-Round by Safe-Tech is an ejectable dummy round/chamber flag. They come in various calibers for pistol and rifle and even in shotgun shells. The bright orange is instantly noticeable so that you can see that the gun is in “safe” mode. If you need to quickly access your weapon, rack the slide, the Saf-T-Round ejects, and a live round can be chambered. They start at about $9.99, and are available at