Who Buys Your Bra’s

by Joni Gommo

That’s a funny question to ask in a gun-related article, but bear with me for a moment…

On an almost daily basis, I am approached by women from all walks of life asking me for gun advice about everything from what kind of gun to buy to how to carry concealed and everything in between. Of all the conversations I’ve had, the recurring dialog typically goes something like this:

“I hate this gun!” she’ll exclaim.

“Why did you buy it?” I ask.

“I didn’t!” she’ll respond.

Usually this happens when someone has contacted me and set up some private instruction because they feel that something “isn’t right”. Shooting isn’t as enjoyable for them as it is for others. They want to learn to love it and they want to love shooting. Sadly, they don’t enjoy shooting or feel confident with their firearm. Unfortunately, sometimes the gun they dislike is a revolver because someone told them that “because they were a woman, it would be easier to shoot”. Nothing against revolvers; I love them, but there are pros and cons to every firearm. Recommending a certain kind of gun to someone “because they are a woman” can have disastrous results in the shooter’s confidence.

When a woman asks me what gun she should buy, my answer is always the same. The only way you will know the answer to that question is aft er you have shot several different kinds of handguns; enough times to know the diff- rences between them! Just because someone loves the particular gun they have doesn’t mean you will too. It has to feel right in YOUR hands. It has to feel right when YOU shoot it. If it feels good to you, you will shoot well and enjoy it more. Only you know what is going to feel comfortable to YOU. Just like a bra.




Joni resides in Georgia with her husband, Paul. A nurse by profession, Joni is also both the Cherokee County Chapter Leader and the Georgia State Leader for The Well Armed Woman. She is both NRA and Georgia Carry Certified as a pistol instructor and is an NRA Certified Range Safety Offi cer. Email her at: jgommo.twaw@gmail.comCapture