Should You Carry a Gun?

by Robert Delmore


Should YOU Carry A Gun?

By: Robert Delmore


The question of whether or not to carry a handgun about one’s person is not one that is easily answered.  There are several factors that must be weighed before the decision to carry is made.


The first is these is: Why carry?

I think that the best reason to carry is because human life has value, and should therefore be protected from those for whom it has no value.  The bad news is that there are, unfortunately, those among us who are predators, and the physically weaker among us are the pool from which they select their prey. For many of these predators, you are a barrier to them obtaining their desires, whether that desire is for the contents of your wallet, the keys to your vehicle, or you yourself, and they will do anything that they have to do to fulfill those desires. The good news is that an easily accessible handgun and the skill and will to use it can prevent you from becoming a victim of these predators.

There is also the consideration of the responsibility to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. Your safety is your responsibility.  The police will, almost with a certainty, not be there to protect you. The police will show up to complete reports and start investigating the crime after the fact.

An attack by a predator is almost always unexpected, and will happen at neither a time nor a place of your choosing.  A handgun (being carried upon the body) is a piece of emergency equipment, very much like a fire extinguisher, for unexpected emergencies. woman-with-gun-640x480


The next factor to consider is whether or not you can carry a handgun.

Is it legal for you to carry? If it is not, are you willing to face the legal consequences of doing so?

Can you safely handle a handgun, following the Four Rules of Safe Gun Handling as promulgated by Col. Jeff Cooper? With a loaded handgun in hand, failure to follow those rules can make one frightfully dangerous to oneself and to those nearby.

Can you hit what you are shooting at with your handgun?  You are responsible for every single bullet that leaves the barrel of your gun.

The safe gun handling and marksmanship problems, if lacking, may be addressed through proper training. There are a multitude of competent firearms trainers operating in this country at this point in time. The legal issue may be addressed as simply as meeting your state’s requirements for carrying a handgun, except in those few states which still refuse to recognize citizens rights to self defense.


The last factor to consider is the use of lethal force.

Simply put, could you shoot another human being? If you shoot someone center of mass, that someone may very well die.  If you think that you will only shoot them in the arm or in the leg, then you can shoot better than anyone that I have ever met. That only happens on television or in the movies.


If you do not think that you could actually use the gun past displaying it, then you should probably NOT carry one, because of the potential of arming a predator with your handgun after you have failed to properly ventilate them.