by Carrie Lightfoot

The concealed carry purse, people either love them or they hate them. To carry your firearm in a concealed carry purse is your decision to make and there is no right or wrong answer. What there is though, is what is recommended. You are an intelligent woman who can consider all of the information, the risks and the pro’s and con’s and make the decision for yourself if a concealed carry purse is right for you. Why do so many fiercely counsel against this popular mode of carry? Likely for two reasons. One, there is serious risk anytime our guns are not on our bodies and two, it limits our ability to respond as quickly as possible and those seconds could count! These are very real issues that must be considered and consciously accepted by you when making the decision to holster your gun in a concealed carry purse. I trust you will do this.

Having your gun holstered somewhere ON your middle is BEST. It is close, it is safe and it easy to get to. You really can’t argue with that. On The Body is the safest and best way to carry your gun, Period! Can you carry safely in a concealed carry purse, yes you can. The proper purse, meticulous awareness, and practice drawing/shooting from one is the key.

One serious thing to consider is that if you must shoot from inside the purse, a semi-automatic handgun, may not have enough room to fully cycle to chamber the next round as it is constricted by the material and does not have the room necessary to cycle.

When making the decision to carry in a concealed carry purse there are some important questions you to ask yourself:

• Am I forgetful? Have I left my purse behind in the last 6 months, in the restroom, a restaurant or store?

• Am I around small children regularly who might have access to my purse?

• Am I willing to carry my purse cross-body to minimize risk of someone taking my purse? • Can I keep it on me and store it properly when it must be off my body?

• Will I vow to always have my gun in a holster in a designated compartment of the purse?

• Am I disciplined enough to practice the awkward draw and use of my gun from the concealed carry purse? (yes, you may very likely need to shoot through the purse to not loose the precious seconds)

• It is your decision, one that it is important you make honestly and thoughtfully. If you can’t answer these questions with confidence, than even if you think this is the best option for you because of the convenience, it likely is not a good choice for you.


The Well Armed Woman was founded in 2012 by Carrie Lightfoot, an entrepreneur with a background in small business start ups, ecommerce and marketing. As a firearm enthusiast, and certified handgun instructor, Carrie has now set her sights on opening and expanding the world of firearms to women working to “demystify” the unnecessarily confusing and intimidating male driven industry.