By Carol Morrell

Recipe for Disaster: Serves a banquet of people waiting to become a victim!

1 evening jogging by yourself, near vacant fields, in a quiet neighborhood or park with ear buds in, listening to music. 1 bunch of friends texting each other, not being aware of their surroundings Only 1 window or door left unlocked 1 tsp. drinking and driving 2 large bad guys, no self defense method of protection 1 large bunch of keyCapture1s with pepper spray attached, finely positioned at the bottom of a purse

Stirring constantly this “something doesn’t feel right” feeling that is being ignored

3 heaping Tablespoons having a gun and not knowing how to use it proficiently

Avoid servings of this mixture at all costs. Extreme health problems may occur. Throw out all ingredients, and look for a new recipe, start over!

Recipe for Success: Serves everyone who knows better and applies the strategies for self defense.

1 good faith prayer 1 large dose of personal safety education & training, kept at a constant simmer
1 carefully concealed firearm 3 T common sense 2 or 3 shakes of your pepper spray canister before leaving home

Throw in a pinch of caution and a heavy dash of awareness when out in public places- looking around constantly, being aware of your surroundings

An ounce of prevention

1 hello kitty as garnish

Mix all together, blend into a lifestyle for personal safety. Serve fresh daily!

What is your recipe for safety? Follow directions carefully and keep on the front burner!



I grew up in Southern California. There, I met my husband who was a police officer/SWAT team member and have been living with guns ever since! Firearms and personal safety are not a “trend” for us; they are a mindset & lifestyle. Aft er our retirement, we followed our son and his new wife to Reno 11 years ago, and live in the beautiful Virginia City area.

I have been a shooter for 30 years. I enjoy recreational shooting, competitive shooting sports and hunting with my husband and our Lab.

Through a personal traumatic experience, my Father being shot, and a couple of acquaintances’ assaults, I am passionate for education and training in self defense

I am a certified NRA instructor in multiple classifications, a Range Safety Offi cer and have instructed firearms training to men and women since 2009. My goal with personal protection awareness and handgun instruction is to teach students to be confident in their ability to protect themselves. As an instructor, I want to educate individuals in awareness and techniques to prevent becoming a victim of a violent crime.