Holiday Peace of Mind

By LaDonna Lowe


Whewww! I can’t believe it but it is that time of year again. The holidays are upon us. Time for family, good food, fun and robbery.  Sad but true. The holidays are the time that more people get robbed. We have to be more aware and alert as we are out doing our shopping and traveling. There are some things that we can do to make ourselves less of a target for a thief.

We should always be aware of our surroundings but especially at this time of year.  We are all busy trying to get the shopping done for the food or gifts for loved ones but the festivities will not be good if you are missing your wallet and having to cancel all the cards and get replacements. Also if you are like many ladies and carry your gun in a purse, you need to be especially cautious at all times because having a gun missing that is registered in your name is a nightmare. Try wearing your gun on your person instead of in your purse. If you are not used to wearing it on your body, try wearing it at home to become more comfortable before wearing it out in public. Be sure your state allows concealed carry.

Another thing we need to do is1 be aware at the gas pump. We can become distracted while pumping gas and if your purse is in the opposite side and the door is unlocked it is an invitation to a person to sneak the door open and take your purse. Once again there goes your cards and gun.  Be sure to keep your doors locked.

Shopping carts are the perfect place for someone to steal your wallet or even your entire purse. Try to wear a cross body purse. It may be uncomfortable at first but it beats having your belongings taken.

After Christmas, make sure to break down all the boxes for those great electronics and expensive gifts you get. Place them in garbage bags and don’t just throw them out with the garbage. That is the perfect opportunity for thieves to know what you got for Christmas and what they want to take.

The main thing to remember is stay aware and just be extra careful at the most wonderful time of the year and you will enjoy it much more.