Do I Need a Firearm For Protection?

by LaDonna Lowe

Do I need a firearm for protection? That question seems to be the million dollar question in the country today. It seems there are as many answers as there are people you ask. I, as a Certified NRA Instructor, believe that you do need a firearm, but you also need training on how to safely use that firearm.

Recently, in a nearby area of Georgia, where I live, a young lady was home alone when 3 men broke down her front door and entered her home. She called 911 three separate times and got no answer. When it was apparent the men were going to enter her home she ran and hid in her closet. Her alarm company reached her and immediately got 911 and minutes later police arrived. Police found shell casings outside her home. She did not have a gun for protection. If she had not had an alarm service, I shudder to think what might have happened to this young woman. On the other hand if she had a firearm and knew how to use it, she could have protected herself and her home. This is a situation that I hope none of you ever find yourself in. But all too oft en it is this very situation that allows for rapes, assaults, and even murder.

There are other steps that can be taken instead of shooting intruders, but if all else fails, I want a firearm to protect myself and my family.

I will continue the article I wrote for the American Woman Shooter last month entitled Protecting Your Home. The first step is to have a plan. And the first step of that plan is to have a safe room.

If someone is breaking into your home, your family should go into the safe room where you can hide and barricade yourself from intruders until help arrives. It should have one entrance and a strong lock on the door. You want to have supplies in your safe room in case you are in the room for an extended period of time. You need to make sure you have a charged cell phone, food and water, medications, your firearm and ammo.

Other things you need depend on your own personal situation. Make sure your safe room has an area of cover, not just concealment. Get behind a bed. The mattress will absorb rounds fired at you. Having a bookshelf with lots of books on it, a rock wall such as a fireplace will also work well. That is something you need to take into consideration when you decide which room will be your safe room. Many times you may want your safe room to be your children’s room so you go to them rather than bringing them into your bedroom or another room. Just make sure the entire family knows which room is the safe room. Let police know which room you are in inside your house and that you are armed. Stay in your safe room until police arrive and have cleared the house. If the intruders penetrate your safe room, be prepared to use your firearm. If they come that deep into your home, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to protect your family, up to and including taking a life.




My name is LaDonna Lowe . I am 55 years old; I am originally from Arkansas, now living in Georgia. I am a wife of almost 40 years and a mother of 2 daughters. I am a grandmother to the most precious little 5 year old girl ever born. I guess you could say I am a born and bred Southern redneck girl and I love to shoot guns. I am an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor. I h1234ave always dreamed of becoming a police officer but chose family instead and have never regretted one minute of it, But I would still like to be a police officer so this is as close as I can come. I have worked in public schools for years. So giving lessons in pistol use and safety is like going home. I look forward to being able to share my passion and knowledge of fir
earms with you oft en.