Whole Wheat Whitetails for a Holiday Body and Spiritual Soul

Whole Wheat Whitetails for a Holiday Body and Spiritual Soul
By: Jennifer Hoyt Lalli

Jennifer Hoyt Lalli

As we approach the Christmas and New Year’s Eve Holiday season, I can think of no better recipe to share than Whole Wheat Whitetail Gingerbread Cookies. This mere cookie embodies new beginnings, and how a test became a testimony for me.

Whole grains saved my body, and hunting saved my soul.Years ago, I battled health issues and finally found answers through a dietician. As a born-carnivore, I was not consuming enough, or really any, whole grains. I took control of my health by educating myself on every gluten and gluten-free whole grain available, and then took action by resolving to replace white flour based recipes with whole grains wherever possible. Similarly, I transformed my inner spirit by opening my heart to God’s plan. On my hunt for deer, I found God. My treestand is my chapel, and my kitchen is my favorite place for charity.

For me, Whole Wheat Whitetail Gingerbread jl1Cookies symbolize Christ’s birthday. I use this recipe tothank Him for the bounties bestowed upon us. Christmas is a time to bake, share testimony, and cuddle by the fire with the Bible. In fact, two of the first foods noted in the Bible are whole grains and venison.

On a personal note, my husband and I tried to start a family for 10 years. We hung our 5 stockings on the mantle every year, 2 monogrammed for us, 2 for our cats, and 1 for the child we prayed for. Never giving up hope, we looked upon the unnamed stocking each year, arm in arm, with tears in our eyes and faith and love in our hearts. Two years ago, after finding God, I decided it was time to give in to His plan, and stop trying to have a child, but rather focus on my Christian cookbook, Hunt & Gather. The day after I photographed the final recipe for the book, we found out that we were pregnant. It was four days prior to leaving for a Canadian whitetail hunt. Last year, we had our 5th stocking monogrammed.This year, we found out, again, that we were pregnant 4 days prior to leaving for a Canadian bear hunt.I look forward to our 6th monogram, and baking this healthy recipe with our children. I wish every one of you a Very Merry Christmas and to have Faith in knowing that only God, not us, has perfect timing.

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