What’s in Your Bag?!


By: Maureen Athow


Ok ladies, let’s admit to the sad state of affairs with our handbags.  For some of us like myself I try to carry a reasonable size handbag which is a combination of a traveling file cabinet, coupons, nail polish, nail clippers, sunglasses, nighttime driving glasses, hand crème, makeup and who knows what else!  However I try not to use a large handbag because who wants to lug around a heavy bag, but, alas I then get a small to medium size bag and inevitably I always have papers and things tumbling out of the bag at inopportune times.  When it comes to going for an enjoyable afternoon of clay shooting (and of course it is followed by wine food and gal time) the question begs, what do we keep in those bags?   It’s of course all a personal choice of goodies, but I spoke to my fellow *G.R.I.T.S.  pal   Nancy May and asked her what items she keeps handy for a day of clay shooting.

“Obviously”, Nancy says 20160419_154852“is the Ammo and plenty of it.”  Then of course there is your protective gear for your eyes and ears. If there is room in your bag a shooting vest could be stored in there and for days where it might start out cool and end up being quite warm,  a silk scarf to cover your neck will help keep the morning chill out.  Also gloves are a good thing to keep in your bag.  I,  like Nancy, am a hand cream fanatic so there is a tube of that and because she again, like myself, is always breaking a nail having a nail file is a handy thing to have (we are both tempted to bite off what remaining nail is left!). Nancy says, “I like to keep chapstick for the colder weather and a neutral color lipstick for other times, and I also keep a comb or a brush but find the comb takes up less space!”  Another item I am sure we all carry with us is our cell phone.

If we play our luck right, ladies, we will have a shooting bag with a majority of truly necessary items and give or take a few goodies in there, too.  It could be you’ll be in the favor of the shooting bag  goddess and you won’t have to lug that bag around for a few hours .. . cross your fingers you’ll have a trapper with a 4 wheeler!



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