Holiday Wear -Glamour Gobble Gobble, & A Merry Christmas Darlin……


By: Sierra Rae Lewis

The holiday season is upon us. It’s time to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, decorate the tree, and plan your holiday party wardrobe! I have put together two separate looks for our favorite time of year. Both outfits will help you find that special look for this Thanksgiving and Christmas. These looks are perfect for a family gathering, a casual party, or a day out in the mall finding those last Christmas gifts.3

A versatile outfit is my favorite type of outfit, so with the looks I put together I ensured they were trendy and cute,  but still versatile for the many events you will be attending. In both of my looks I am wearing earrings from a company called Rhinestone Lipgloss, a brand that I was just introduced to and have fallen in love with. I think they will be at the top of your wish list this year, and your gift list too!

Rhinestone Lipgloss is run by Sara Pyles and she makes every product by hand. Here’s a little background told by her on how she started, “In October of 2014 I was competing at the all American Quarter Horse Congress in the barrel classes. My mother had created a custom shirt for me to run in that I had embellished, and I had some extra Swarovski stones I used to build a set of matching earrings. A few girls I was running with noticed them and commented that they must be heavy on account of their size. I took them off and let them hold a pair and they were amazed at how light they were. They asked if I could make them a pair as well, and by February of 2015 we were so busy that my husband insisted I make a decision…either stop taking orders for Rhinestone Lipgloss or leave my job translating Chinese for a tool and die company.  The practical side of me knew this was a crazy idea. Who walks away from a 401k, a career I had spent years (and a ton of money at The Ohio State University) building, only to embellish jewelry with Swarovski stones and tool leather? Realizing this was the only time in my life I would have this opportunity, I took the leap. It was the most terrifying and amazing thing I have ever done.”capture

Her involvement in the horse community is how we met. As you may know, I come from a rodeo family. My Dad also showed a few different AQHA horses, and we have had an AQHA Horse Of The Year in our barn a few times. When Sara offered her gorgeous earrings for my article and blog I knew the world of AQHA was full of BLING
! I knew I would love them so I jumped at the chance. Here is how Rhinestone Lipgloss got their name and why Sara thinks her earrings work so well. “Rhinestone Lipgloss got its name from a very dear and unique childhood frien
d of mine. Jenna Fortman, whom I was in brownies and girl scouts with. We grew up and showed horses together. She just had her first child and Halloween was approaching. I asked her if she was taking her son trick or treating that year, and she replied yes. She proceeded to tell me that he was going to be dressed as a puppy, and she a rodeo clown. I asked what her clown name was going to be, and she instantly responded “Red Mascara”. I thought that was a rather clever name, so I asked if my standard poodle Brûlée and I could join her and her son. I told her I would need a cool name as well. Knowing my affinity for all things shiny she said without hesitation ‘You can be Rhinestone Lipgloss’. I loved it. I knew someday I would use that name…either for a horse or a boutique. The main reason for the success of our jewelry is not only the quality of stones, but the weight of them…or rather the lack thereof. Due to our bases being made of an incredibly lightweight composite material that allows for a firm but flexible base, the stones are able to adhere to a very thin piece of it, thus removing the weight source found in most earrings. Rhinestone Lipgloss earrings, no matter how large (some of our pageant bases go as large as 4″ long by 2″ wide), will not pull on your ears or tangle in your hair. Anyone who has ever had heavy earrings on for more than a few hours knows how painful this can be, and if done over a period of years, the cosmetic damage it can do to ones earlobe.”5

They are in fact the lightest earrings I have ever worn, and I know that our active readers will totally forget that you are even wearing these earrings as you ride, hunting, or just have a night on the town. They add the perfect amount of sparkle to jazz up your outfit. Sara also has some notable cliental that would say the same, including contestants in pageants such as Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Rodeo USA, Miss Rodeo America,  Fallon Taylor (Champion Barrel Racer), and numerous others. You can find Rhinestone Lipgloss in all parts of Quarter Horse industry, and on notable riders such as Ellexxah Maxwell, Carly Kidner, Kaleena Weakley, Katsy Leeman, Madison Pope, as well as many Queen candidates.

For Thanksgiving, I styled a casual dress outfit that can be easily worn all day and meets all of this season’s most popular trends. I chose a tan suede shift dress, styled with a pair of black moccasin booties, and a denim jacket. In Arizona we can usually get away with wearing a dress still in November but if you are from a colder state, I choose a look that would look just as good with a pair of tights or leggings thrown on underneath. My favorite part of this outfit is the denim jacket, at the moment I am going serape crazy, and I actually had this jacket made myself. I love a denim jacket, and it is by far one of my favorite items of all times. I took a denim jacket I already owned and gave it a brand new life, spicing it up with the serape blanket. The colors in the serape match literally anything so it was a perfect match. To finish my look, I threw on my serape inspired Rhinestone Lipgloss earrings and a few necklaces and I the outfit was complete.

I am loving the 70’s suede this fall and this little shift dress was so easy to style, that I promise if you wear anything similar to it you won’t want to take it off until Christmas! One fabulous clothing item will explain the inspiration for my Christmas outfit “Bell Bottoms”. They are everywhere right now and I’m obsessed. I spoke about them in my last article and now you can see how I personally styled them. This time, I choose a black pair of bells, a cute graphic holiday tee from “The Junk Gypsy Company” (they come out with fun Christmas tee’s every year) a staple black sweater, and a pair of Cheetah Uggs. These aren’t your typical Uggs, they are actually loafers. I accessorized the look with a black and red pair of Rhinestone Lipgloss earrings, a black velvet choker, a Christmas charm bracelet I wear every year, and a fun black beanie with a fur pom. I love hats and in the winter I think a beanie is the best excuse to not do your hair.  For a dressier look, throw a quick loose curl on that beanie and it looks like you spent hours perfecting winter glam. This outfit is warm enough that it will satisfy your practical needs, and you can easily throw a jacket over it. Take any piece of this outfit that is your favorite and style it the way you like. All are easily mixed and matched with other items and can be dressed up or down. Here’s to a Jolly Holiday season!