by: Diana MacCarger

Life should always be about thriving to become the best possible version of ourselves, seeking out training and improving what we have learned. We are responsible for our actions, and that of course includes our“tool”of choice in self-defense scenarios. And that is what your weapon is, a tool and nothing but a tool. In a trained hand, it can save lives, but in an untrained, unprepared, unfit hand, it holds no positive power.MacCargar3

What exactly does it mean to be fit, trained, prepared, and ready to defend and survive? It all starts with YOU, your mental & physical condition, and preparedness level. Someone can spend all their time and money buying the best weapons & gear, “playing” with it at home and admiring themselves in the bedroom mirror, but if they are seriously overweight and can’t get up the stairs, the fight will be lost before it begins. What if running away is the best option in a self-defense situation, but you can’t make it 50 yards without sucking air?

It comes down to discipline. If you find yourself out of shape (a little or a lot), but have a desire to change, I applaud you. It is never too late to change the course you have been drifting on. Just get started! As a firearms instructor, Personal Trainer, and someone who has gone through a physical & mental transformation herself, I can promise you it all starts with YOUR COMMITMENT to change.

Getting started can be as simple as cutting out processed foods, learning about meal prepping and nutrition. Many of my clients noticed amazing changes in their energy level, sleep patterns and started losing weight by simply drinking the proper amount of water. But nothing replaces a proper exercise routine and I challenge you to become more active in general, and start with a simple regiment. Let’s think about what is important for self-defense: quick reaction, balance & stability, strength & speed. You want to be able to process what you see and quickly respond. You need to have good balance and be able to get behind cover/move positions, you need strength to push your attacker off, get out of his reach, disarm him, and you need to be able to do that fast. Keep those points in mind when selecting an exercise routine. I recommend to work with a CPT that will design a program for your specific goals, or follow a well-structured at-home workout routine that was designed based on sports science. That way you will have great results, avoid threaded plateaus, over training & resulting injuries.

Exercise, self-defense & tactical training will boost your confidence and sharpen your mind. Did you know that exercise is a natural anti-depressant and stimulates your brain to grow new cells?MacCargar2

It’s pretty much a package deal. Living a healthy & happy life requires discipline. Training your body, mind and soul requires discipline. Winning a self-defense scenario requires discipline.

Your training will kick in and your body will obey you. Fit people have a better chance of survival in any situation, their bodies are prepared to handle injury, recover quicker, and their minds are sharper. If this wasn’t the case, our military would have stopped PT a long time ago, right?MacCargar1

In a nutshell, a Glock on your hip won’t save your life, neither will a CCP in your wallet. You and only YOU have the power to become the person that is FIT toSURVIVE. I challenge you to think about how you currently spent your time. Does it benefit your “FUTURE YOU”? Your Wild Child, Diana MacCargar, NASM-CPT, P90X Trainer, PiYo LIVE Instructor, P90X LIVE Instructor, Firearms Instructor So, if my article spoke to you and you want to make changes in your life, if you are ready to take control of your future and live the life you’ve always wanted to live, healthy & strong, then please feel free to contact us. We are here to help. Together we can do it! TXT meat 828-456-9066 and please follow meon FaceBook @