Saving Lives: are you ready?

by Glen Stilson, Independence Training Head Instructor

Imagine with me, for a minute, that you have found yourself in a serious emergency. It could be a car accident, a severe injury to a child at a city park, a shooting range incident, or the aft ermath of an active shooter situation at a shopping mall. Now I’m imagining that you’re grabbing the small trauma kit that you carry in your handbag, your pocket, or perhaps your vehicle, you’re assessing the scene and the casualties, and you’re getting to work on saving lives. You carry this kit because you know that first-aid is much more than band-aids and aspirin, and your kit is lightweight and inexpensive enough that you have several of them available in various locations. Plus you’ve trained extensively with your kit so that you are ready to save a life.

Now let’s imagine that you don’t have a kit of this nature, and what a real tragedy that would be. You’d have to stand by and watch people who are hurt, perhaps people that you love, suff er with pain and possibly die. You would have to rely on the response time of emergency medical personnel, and even if you’re in the city limits, that could still take too long. Without that trauma kit and its pressure bandages, tourniquets, occlusive seals, and similar items, you’re just another bystander.

Let’s imagine together one more time, and this time about how if you didn’t carry a trauma kit before, you want to carry one now. That’s a good choice, because it is one of the most useful and applicable emergency response tools that you will bring into your life, it can be small, easy to carry, and economically priced, too. Just remember that whatever tools you get, they are useless in an emergency without the proper training and mindset.



Glen Stilson is the Head Instructor for Independence Training, an emergency response and firearms training organization. He is also a published author and magazine columnist, and the creator of the Outdoor Mastery program.Capture