Our First Hunt

by Jill Trammel

I was what they called a “happy hunting widow” for the life of my 18 yr. marriage, though I wasn’t happy about it at all. I even started a blog of the same name to commiserate with the other wives left at home, while the men played hunter and spent tons of money we saw 100 other uses for. It never occurred to me when I met him in my California hometown, that I’d be moving to Georgia 4 months later or that he would turn into a full blown hunting freak. I justified his behavior, because someone had to care for the precious little ones. Three babies is a full time job, but I could sacrifice my own sanity. His well-being was more important than mine, right? Isn’t that what we good wives do? Realized later, that I should have insisted and pressed him harder to make us a part of his hunting life. The kids are older now and only my middle son, has hunted with his father. I have a beautiful 15yr.old girl and two amazing boys, 14 and 11.

Things have changed a lot since they were little. I have my own business and I’m now what you would call a ‘happily hunting divorce’. Today, I’m going on my very first deer hunt and (even better) I’m taking my daughter with me for her first hunt, too! I have found that people in the hunting, fishing and shooting sports are some of the most caring and welcoming people on the planet. If someone really wants to learn to be a sportswoman, there are people who want to help you do it! This is truly a memorable day for my daughter and I and we are very grateful to those who’ve helped us get here. Capture

We made our short trek to the tree stands and climbed into our positions. Saw a fat turkey on the way in and the wind started to blow for a moment, relieving us from the humidity. The ground was still wet from the morning downpour and what normally would have been a lot of foot noise was silenced by the soft leaves on the ground. This is the perfect time of year in N Georgia. Mid October is when all the leaves start turning shades of orange, yellow and red and the trees begin to shed their color and prepare to fall asleep for the winter. My chair sat about 6 ft . above my daughter, at a 90 degree angle (so she can’t accidentally shoot me) and we sat there quietly for a while, then both of us broke out the cell phones. It seemed sinful, but we snapped pictures of each other and documented our first hunting experience…together, mom and daughter. It gives me a lot of pride watching her fiddle with the Remington .223 on her lap, knowing she can use it well.

Sitting in the peace and quiet, I realize how much I needed to do this when the kids were little. If you have thought about doing it, don’t delay! It takes your mind off all your problems and you begin to imagine nature’s drama playing out around you, instead of your own. There are ever changing lights; sunbeams streaming through the trees, spotlights on little mushrooms peeking through the grass. Cameras, are a must out here! Selfies are much less exciting than capturing the moments. Everyone thinks the woods are so quiet, but they’re really not. Woods are teeming with life, including some very noisy birds and barking squirrels. The squirrels seem to constantly bicker and chase each other around their tree house, as the crow nags its mate to death. However, it is still quiet enough to hear myself think and I think… I need to stay out here until the
squirrels are singing and the crows are simply talking. I’ll keep you posted!


Jill Trammell is the owner of Patriot Promotions, LLC. a relationship marketing firm in Atlanta, Ga. specializing in online promotions, sales and PR. Born and raised in Southern California, she grew up with 10 boys in a rural neigCapture1hborhood enjoying life as a ‘tomboy’. Living near Camp Pendleton with a USMC Byrd Col. and politically active neighbors, she learned the importance of patriotism and our Constitution, but never had anyone teach her to hunt or shoot. She now works with companies promoting the outdoor and firearms industry who share her love of the 2nd Amendment and our nation’s veterans. She oft en shares her new adventures, great stories and guests, as a producer and cohost for “Lock and Load” Radio with Bill Frady, weekday mornings on Genesis Communications. Connect with her “Friends and Patriots Network” at: