Meet Jennifer Brockie – International Australian Shooter

Meet Jennifer Brockie – Our International Woman Shooter
By Jennifer Brockie

Jennifer Brockie

My name is Jennifer Brockie and I am an author from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with spectacular scenery and the most culturally diverse population. However, Australian people can sometimes be judgemental, or opinionated, and can be, as is our tradition, quite vocal about it. Guns are illegal in our country. The choice to be a shooter, even a sportsshooter, is not always an easy one, but then again, I am no ordinary woman, so I am always up for a challenge.

I am regularly accused of being a walking contradiction. I have been accused of being too much of a ͞girly girl͟ to want to shoot. I love quality clothing, the finest of wine and the scent of extravagant perfumes. I am terrified of insects and the thought of mice makes my skin crawl. However, once I hold my pistol in my hand, I am about as ͞girly͟ as the man standing next to me waiting to take fire. When I unload those bullets into the target, pull it back in and check out how well I have done, a feeling of great accomplishment washes over me. Regardless of the laws or the point of view of some, it would be wonderful if more Australian women chose to shoot.

Australian guns laws are amongst the strictest laws in the world. Our licensing process is one of the most stringent. To obtain a gun licenseis a lengthy process and even then, you cannot shoot a pistol anywhere in Australia except for on an approved shooting range. Rifles, on the other hand, are slightly different. Rifles may be used on properties with the permission of the landowner under strict guidelines.
Australians are unable to set up targets, or engage in shooting practice on properties, even if they are licensed shooters and they own the land. This would be seen by the authorities as an illegal shooting range, so huge fines and penalties can apply.

So, to all you wonderful American women shooters, I truly am jealous of you. You truly are very lucky to have such choice and freedom in your country. A freedom to choose whether or not to bear arms. A freedom to protect yourselves, your loved ones and your property. A freedom which looks highly unlikely for any of us Australian people to experience ever again. So get out there and shoot ladies. Have fun and enjoy your freedom!

Jennifer Brockie(c) 2015 Writers Bio: My name is Jennifer Brockie and I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am a mother, a published author and a gun slinger at heart.

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