Intro to Bow Hunting

by Stacy Sissney


Two words come to mind when I hear of someone starting to bow hunt – practice and safety. When I first started shooting a bow, I couldn’t wait to get in the woods and start hunting, but I knew in order to be ethical, I needed practice to consistently hit the kill zone. It’s important to practice as if you are actually hunting. Wear the clothes you’d be wearing while hunting to make sure nothing is in your way to pull back your bow, and practice while sitting or standing to simulate if you are in a blind or treestand. The key here is to be comfortable and confident with your equipment because once an animal walks out in front of you, the game changes. Your heart starts pumping, your adrenaline is flowing, and you want to be able to eliminate the chance of error.

Practice will help that. Safety is another important factor. A couple of quick tips: make sure you tell someone where you are hunting and when they can expect you back, use a quiver to carry your arrows, and always when hunting in an elevated situation, use a safety harness. Remember to relax and have fun!!


Stacy Sissney is an accomplished hunter and competitive archer. She resides in Oklahoma with her husband and daughter. She also hosts His-and-Hers-Outdoors-TV-Season-5-Press-Release-672x372 www.hisnhersoutdoors.comss