Hunting Traditions

Hunting Traditions
By Kara Lorenz

Our own hunting tradition really isn’t as much about hunting as it is about friendship and sharing. Each year around February, we host our Kill It ‘n Grill It. This is our time to celebrate a successful year’s harvest and invite our friends over for a smorgasbord of wild game. I say “friends” but they are more like family to us since the Navy moved us here 12 years ago.

We plan for weeks and prepare as much as possible ahead of time. Some years we have more or less to work, depending on how the season went, but we share some of everything regardless. Sometimes we have more non-hunters than hunters and it is such a joy to watch them experience new food from animals they don’t eat every day. Some of the food has included, Duck Soup, Duck/Goose Summer Sausage, Pheasant Fajitas, Venison Burgers, Venison Chili, Smoked Duck/Goose, Wild Hog, Backyard Gumbo, Rabbit Stew, Dove Poppers, Wild Turkey Chili, Venison Paprika, and Wild Game Roll Ups. And of course, there’s jerky of all kinds to snack on throughout the day.

Next to all the platters and crockpots, we have the name of the dish, along with a picture of the animal when it was harvested. While this seems silly, it invites stories to be told and allows us to reflect on the experiences we’ve had in the field. Our children have fun with this as they, too, have their own experiences and are learning to share and to be proud of our hunting heritage.

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