Giving Thanks for Opening Day Dove Season

By Tarra Stoddard


“Giving Thanks” for Opening Day Dove season is the “opening day of it all” in South Carolina. For quite a few that attend, it’s the only hunting they do; it’s just tradition to be there. Even for those who haven’t picked up their shotgun since the last opening day of Dove season are present; no one dares miss it. Heck, I’m not sure Uncle Dave has left his house again since last Dove Season! It’s the first sign of not only hunting season, but of football and cooler weather. It’s like a family reunion on steroids. On opening day, just the dessert spread trumps an entire Thanksgiving spread. They show up in cars, trucks, on 4-Wheelers, golf carts… heck, last year there were quite a few tractors! Whatever gets them to the field. You have a slew of dogs, and kids itching to begin their first hunts ever. There’s that one guy that shoots his Limit in 12 shots. Then there’s the ones that use 4 boxes of shells for 2 birds.

Some have awesome field dogs tuning up. Others have dogs that haven’t run since last Dove day. Within an hour, you know the name of everyone that is hunting around you. It’s great to gain a new hunting friend each year. Everyone is happy to be there “Giving Thanks” for Opening Day!