A Dog Teaches New Tricks, Too!

A Dog Teaches New Tricks, Too! by: Kimberly Snyder

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Sometimes in your life, a person will show up unexpectedly and change you forever! Have you ever stopped to consider that a dog can do the same? One day many years ago I was washing my jeep to turn around to a wet little nose introducing himself to me! His name was Muck and from the moment he came into my life, he changed me forever! Muck was the pride and joy duck dog that belonged to my now-husband. Many owners pick a dog for particular reasons, but Muck picked me to be his master’s husband and brought me to a new home and a new place in my life. In many ways, Muck introduced me to my husband. From the moment I laid eyes on him, he found a place in my heart and knew that I needed to be loved and that I desperately needed a place to belong. He found me and led me to the love of my life and quickly became my best friend.

When I began Waterfowl hunting, I remember seeing Muck’s love and affection for his job as a duck dog. His ambition and drive was unmatched to any dog I had ever seen and, in a way, watching him do his job brought more joy to me at times then seeing a duck commit to the spread. You could see in his eyes his passion for waterfowl hunting. Even on slow hunts, Muck would cuddle up next to my husband and I could see his love for him and how much he wanted to please him. I guess you could say I learned more from Muck than I think anyone would imagine you could learn from your dog. Muck taught me not only selfless love, but he showed me dedication, drive, ambition, and was always there to give of himself when I just needed a friend.

Saying goodbye to Muck was like closing a chapter that I felt had never fully been written. I have never in my life looked into the eyes of a dog and felt more love than I did when I looked into Muck’s eyes. He taught me to love not only others, but myself too. Muck brought me, a lost pup, home; Home to a man that would forever change my life and give me more than I could have ever imagined. He brought me home to a new beginning and taught me to find patience when hunting. He taught this old dog new tricks and he selflessly loved me, allowing me to finally find my way. Muck will forever live in my heart and forever be a part of who I will continue to strive to be. His only fault was that his life was too short, if that could even be a fault. While there are tons of different roads we may take in life, it is the ones who go with us down those roads that make the trip worthwhile. Our best friend Muck’s bed may now be empty, and we have no more walks to make with him, but I thank God for the journey I had with him!