What’s in Your Range Bag? – Tonya Greenwood

By: Tonya Greenwood AKA Modern Gun Girl


It’s taken me a few years to really hone in to the things I often need at the range and a few things that I have sometimes carried for years and never used but happened to save the day on an unexpected and rare occurrence. For my particular style of shooting and locations which are often miles away from civilization I have a very unique range bag that I never leave the house without!


Ears: I cannot live without my electronic hearing protection from Impact Sport. I can adjust the frequency when I’m swapping among different calibers and easily talk to my range mates with ease and without yelling at one another.


Eyes: I always have OSHA standard Z87 rated safety glasses in my bag and my vehicle. They are a requirement for work so I always have them handy.


Targets/Must-Haves: I keep a few paper targets in the back of my bag along with a sharpie to mark the shots. When I am checking the sheets, I can better record my groupings without having to replace the target each time. I also carry duct tape for taping the sheet up on the board or for anything else I may need to fix while out on the range.

Processed with Snapseed.
Processed with Snapseed.

Tools: I’ve collaborated an assortment of tools in a plastic storage container that I throw in my bag each time I leave the house with one of my rifles. It includes punches, Allen wrenches, bore rod, screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and a small brass hammer for making repairs or pairing with the bore rod to remove an obstruction like a squib.


Lube: Nothing is worse than running a dry gun or having to thoroughly clean a component once you are out because of accidental soiling. A trip through an impassable mud hole on my ATV showed me once just how necessary it really was to have a cloth and a great cleaner & lubricant like Frog Lube handy.


Safety Kit: I keep a few bandages, Tylenol and a tourniquet handy just in case!


GoPro: I never leave without my GoPro and its accessories! I love to film and take photos of my adventures at the range to share with my followers and it serves as a great tool to be able to critique yourself later when otherwise you wouldn’t have noticed a bad habit you’ve formed without having an instructor or other seasoned professional with you.


Ammo/Explosives: Bring more than enough! You never want to run out. After all you still have to commute home and be able to protect yourself in case a threat arises. I also always end my day with blowing something up as long as I am not at a public range. There is nothing more exciting than a minimum of 2lbs of explosives to finish off your day.

Processed with Snapseed.
Processed with Snapseed.

Bug Spray: Living in the south there is nothing more annoying and distracting than a mosquito or finding a tick on you a few days later. This will help ward off those pesky winged blood suckers.


Makeup: No I’m not kidding! It’s hot and dirty in Alabama and I always want to get a great photo with my friends if time permits. No one wants to have mascara running down their face or have those terrible indents on our nose from wearing safety glasses. This also includes having some baby wipes to keep hands and other sweaty body parts fresh!