From: The DC Project

On July 6th, 2016, 50 women, one from every state, will converge in Washington, DC to meet their legislators in an effort called the DC Project.  The women will not only give legislators a face and a story of a true firearms owner in support of the 2nd Amendment, but also establish a relationship with those lawmakers and their offices to provide a resource to them for information on America’s gun culture.

The DC Project is the brainchild of pro shooter, Dianna Muller.  She and friend, Becky Yackley, tested the theory last December and received positive feedback. Using women in the shooting sports to reach out to lawmakers became the focus since women often provide a stronger voice on 2A subjects, breaking the stereotype of typical IMG_2439firearms owner.  Women are also the fastest rising demographic in the firearms world, as well having an increased presence on Capitol Hill, so it was a perfect fit!  In February, 14 women from 12 states met in DC to execute the plan and train to be team leaders for the big trip of 50 women in July.

Besides Dianna and Becky, the line-up of women in the DC Project includes pro shooter Gabby Franco (TX).  Gabby is an recent naturalized citizen from Venezuela, a country that recently lost their gun rights; Robin Wright (NJ) has an infectious, bubbly personality and is an environmental analyst who fell in love with firearms and the shooting sports late in life; Amy Dillon (SC) is a 4’11 tall retired Marine Drill Instructor who shares her passion for concealed carry with her students.  Amanda Suffecool (OH) is the host of Eye on the Target Radio show and an avid 2A supporter.  Dianna would be remiss to not mention the gals at A Girl and A Gun. Julianna Crowder and Robyn Sandavol have provided critical support by lending their experience in organizing and IT support!  Robyn has a great story as well, being an anti-gunner not too long ago!  She is a testimony as to what education can do!

On July 6th, the women will arrive and prepare for their visits on Thursday and Friday morning with their respective legislators.  To wrap up the effort, there will be a rally in front of the Capitol on Friday, July 8th at 2PM.  The rally is open to EVERYONE and we encourage you to consider putting it on your schedule as the beginning of a family weekend vacation!

For a complete list of the talented women involved or for information, check out or follow us on the Facebook pages, DC Project and DC Project Rally.  As a grassroots effort, all of the women have volunteered their time and their money to participate. If you can’t participate and would like to support the project, there is a donation link on the front page at .  REALIZEfac is a firearms awareness coalition founded by Amanda Suffecool (OH). All proceeds will go towards the DC Project expenses.