by Candace Swanson

A woman wouldn’t leave the house without everything she needs in her handbag, so why would she go to the range without a fully stocked and organized range bag? Let’s have a look at what I keep in my bag before I head off to the range.

• Eye Protection or “eyes” – I keep two pairs of eye protection in my bag. One clear pair for indoor shooting and one color pair for outdoor shooting.

• Ear Protection or “ears” – I like to keep one pair of electronic muffs and one pair of rubber plugs. This allows me to transition between 123pistols and rifles comfortably as I find muffs tend to get in the way when shooting rifles.

• Ammo – bring enough that you think you’ll need for the day.

• Snap Caps –
I like to add these with my live rounds at times for training to ensure I am not anticipating recoil.

• Bore Light and Bore Snake – These are always good to have on hand in case you need to pay attention to any fouling that may build up at the range. Just be certain your firearm is unloaded before using either of these items.

• Gerber Multi-Tool – This is great to have especially if you are training for the AR platform. Multi-tool bCapturelades are great for scraping carbon and they can be used for prying up take down pins.

• Safety Kit – I keep a small safety kit with gauze and bandages handy for those nicks and scrapes that might occur

.• Hand Sanitizer – to clean up quickly before I can get to a sink to wash my hands properly.

Now that you have the basics, you’re set to look like a pro at your next range outing. Stay safe and please share your new found knowledge with others!