Taking the “Ouch” out!

Taking the “Ouch” out!

I’ve noticed that as I age, my hands no longer function without discomfort nor do I have the upper body strength that I once had. As such, manipulating the slide on my semi-automatic can be downright painful. If you’ re affected by Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, a missing digit, or everyone’ s favorite, Arthritis, a new device has been invented just for us. If you own a Glock (any model) or a Springfield Armory XD9, you can manipulate your slide pain-free. It’ s called the Slide-Pull by TGR Enterprises/Brass Stacker.

The Slide-Pull is shaped like a figure 8 open at one end, and weighs just ½ ounce. Made of aluminum, it clamps to the slide using a simple Allen Screw and sits just below the cocking grooves. It sticks out beyond the back of the slide by ¾ of an inch, and allows you to work the slide with one finger. When I tried it on my XD9, I knew it was for me. One local gun storerecognized its potential popularity with women and the older set, and has been the sole supplier in our area for those women and men whose hands no longer function like they did when we were 20 years of age.

unspecified-1 Now, you may ask yourself, how can such a device be easily concealed? Surprisingly enough, my “Gun Tot’ n Mama” purse, Model GTM-99 holds my full size XD9 (4” barrel) with slide-pull attached, with no extra stress and strain on the seams or stitches. I wear it on my right side with the strap slung over my left shoulder. With very little effort, I can unzip the purse’ s compartment that holds my pistol with my left hand, while inserting my right hand straight down to grip my pistol and pull it up and out. So in many ways, it’ s like carrying it in a holster on my hip. If you choose to wear a holster on you hip, there is very little difference in your draw other than to realize that you need to clear the slide-pull as you grip. And once your brain understands this and you practice with it in place, your draw becomes just as natural as it was before you added the slide-pull.


Because of the design of the Slide-Pull, your pistol can also be hung by the device itself next to your bed, by the front door, or on your wheelchair. This can be effected with the use of a dowel rod, coat hooks, or whatever you choose. If you choose not to conceal it, it’ s there when you hear that “bump in the night.” The only draw-back to the Slide-Pull is that you need to remove it prior to disassembly of the pistol for cleaning. But, that’ s a small inconvenience. In operation, the slide-pull does not interfere with the handling of the pistol and is a “miracle worker” when I’ ve needed to clear a malfunction. A simple pull of the slide-pull and the round is dislodged. If I have a malfunction in competition the slide-pull is expedient, with very little loss of time to my score. If I need to function the slide in Personal Protection, it’ s a ‘Single Finger Solution.’

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