By: Maureen Athow


Twenty-two year old Lisa Roberts turned a love of shooting into a business.  “I’m not a girly girl” she says, so the idea of being a jewelry designer never occurred to her.  Lisa and her husband, a Marine, go to the gun range just about every weekend. She lives about 7 miles from where she grew up in the upper part of Pennsylvania.   What gave her the idea of making jewelry out of shotgun shells?  “We had so many of them that we were going to reload and never got to do all of them,” she says.

Lisa’s first big2015-09-21_16.04.01 vendor craft show was at Applefest in Franklin, PA, where more than 350 food and craft vendors come for a three day festival. She said it went great. The best part of her business she says, is “meeting the most amazing and supportive people.  I get such positive feedback.”

At one craft show a couple in their 50’s approached Lisa with a very unusual request.  A loved one had passed away, and their grandson was devastated by the loss.  Would Lisa be able to make a special kind of jewelry?  Could she take remains of their loved one and encase it in a shotgun shell?  She designed a special unit to hold the ashes and the idea of “funeral casings” came to be.  The couple is still so appreciative that when they see her, they continue to hug and thank her for what she did.

Lisa started her business in 2013 and had a few kinks to work out.  She needed a way for the round brass shell rings to look neat and professional when cut.  Lisa, with the never-ending support of her husband, invested in an expensive piece of equipment.  She uses her big tools in her garage and uses a spare bedroom as an office.

Her business has taken off since opening a online store on LisaRobertsBoutique has sold over one hundred pieces since going online in 2015. The jewelry encompasses affordable and attractive rings, bracelets, and earrings. The jewelry made from funeral casings are custom, special orders.

She credits her drive and success to her mom, and holds a very dear place in heart for her grandparents, who helped raise her.   “My grandfather gave me my first pellet rifle when I was about 4 and my sister and I would shoot the heads off of lol20141121_165853lipops.  My grandfather was everything to me. He also gave me one my favorite guns, a CZ 22.”

What does she shoot today?  She has a 1911 .45 caliber and loves her custom-built AR15 with a 16 inch stainless super bull barrel. (from this “gun newbie”,  this sounds bad a– to me!)

She and her husband are proud to support the military and the NRA. Lisa had the opportunity recently to sell a big order of her jewelry to the Friends of the NRA, for a host of banquets.  Her jewelry is used as part of the silent auction at the fundraisers.

If you are interested in Lisa’s jewelry, you can order from her online Etsy store. You can also like her on Facebook,  at LisaRobertsBoutique. For special orders for the funeral casings, please contact her directly through email at: