Booty Circuit- Leg Day






Get plenty of sleep! Every person has a different amount of sleep that they need in order to feel refreshed (btwn 6-9 hrs). Make sure you are feeling refreshed and energized each day. Don’t overwhelm yourself if the day is just too strenuous or feel guilty for missing a day. Just try to relax, catch up on your Z’s and start over the next day when you feel refreshed.





Don’t overtrain! It may seem like you are not training hard enough, but your muscles MUST have time to recover! If you just do not feel like you are getting enough from your workouts, try increasing the weight first before 211111you add more reps. How do you know when you are over trained?

Some signs are:

Persistent muscle soreness

Persistent fatigue



I highly recommend writing down what you ate. Writing down what you eat helps to keep you more accountable of your meals. You can also refer back to the food journal to make adjustments. Take notes about how you feel after you eat too. For example, I noticed that I would bloat every time that I ate broccoli, so I exchanged the broccoli for a different c211omplex carb. Not everyone needs to have the same meal plan. Taking the time to figure out what works right for you is imperative to not only reaching your goal, but maintaining.

Focusing too much on the scale can really cause stress and frustration. Taking measurements and body fat assessments will be much more accurate. In the meantime focus more on all of the steady progress that you make. (lifting heavier, feeling better, not having a cheat meal). Taking the step to make health and fitness a necessity is huge! You should be proud of yourself. Think of this process as a journey to start a new lifestyle.