Stylin’ in Sin City

By: Sierra Rae Lewis

Happy New Year Dolls! I hope my last article helped you get through the Holidays looking good and feeling oh so confident! I want to take you back to my Christmas season and talk about some really fun and might I say fashionable things I did. As I have written about before I come from a rodeo family, and December with Christmas also comes the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Which in a short explanation is the super bowl of rodeo. Ten nights in Vegas, top cowboys competing for the gold buckle, I had not been in over ten years since I had watched my dad there. I was really excited to go back, and not just to see the rodeo….obviously it wasn’t my first.


There are so many events that go on during the WNFR, and every year they seem to grow and A LOT of them have to do with FASHION! Which is what we are going to dive into right now! There is major shopping that goes on during the WNFR, from Cowboy Christmas at the Las Vegas Convention Center to The Cowboy Market Place at Mandalay Bay and a few in between. Here you will find all the major western brands, new up and comers, handmade products from wall to wall, home goods, and even outdoor products that range from ranching, to hunting. Of coursfashion possee I seem to focus on the clothing and accessories one may find. Fashion Posse, run by creator Tiffany Mcghan and her posse Keenie Word and Shaina Clifford made a Style Guide this year to point you in the right direction along the rows of Cowboy Christmas. Fashion Posse is on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll find all the latest pictures from rodeos, bloggers themselves and the newest trends. Give them a follow!


Fashion Posse invited me to be on with them at Mandalay Bay this year where Brian Doty hosts his show “This is Country” for The Cowboy Lifestyle Network and all the shopping goes down. They talked about the fashions and taking some really special Western Wishes kids out shopping. I talked fashion…of course and a lFullSizeRender-1ittle of what I do like writing here at The American Woman Shooter!


The fashion that goes on during the rodeo is truly only something you get to see once a year. Sure I like to dress up all the time, but what you’ll see in Vegas is over the top and tons of fun. This year it saw sequins, bell bottoms, jump suits, felt hats of all kinds, dusters and LOTS of fringe Louis Vuitton’s! I would say it was a strong seventies vibe, which I loved personally. So instead of giving you list, and list of booths and brands I loved…I mean we have lives to get to here. I am going to tell you about my favorite two things I bought in Vegas, and where you can find them if you love them just as much as I do!


My first is my second edition to my Charlie One Horse hat collection, “Highway” is a silverbelly floppy brimmed hat with a pinch front crown giving it the perfect shape. I bought it at the Resistol booth, where you can find all kinds of hats, not just cowboy hats, fashion hats too. I am a hat lover, and I personally think it is the perfect accessory, Charlie One Horse brand has a lot of styles that compliment what I wear and my style, so it’s become a brand I really like. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and


My second pick was a little something I knew I had wanted for a little while now. If you have not seen the remade CaptureVintage Louis, you are missing out. All the rage in the western world has been re made vintage Louis Vuitton’s that may have fringe that hangs to the ground or a strap that has toolingFullSizeRender and colorful artwork. Of course my personal style choices are very boho trendy as I have discussed, so they don’t just appeal to someone with a “western” style they range from style to style, which is why they appealed to me. They are truly pieces of art, they are for the funky fashion girl, it does not just stop at fringe, beads, keychains, quotes, patches, you name it the Louis can have it. I bought mine from New Vintage Handbags by Stephanie Ponder and Candace Carr Easdale. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. You can also shop online with them at


So as my Vegas run down comes to an end, maybe if you looking for a new great accessory in the new year I pointed you in the right direction! I had a lot of fun in Vegas and hopefully you had fun reading along with me! Until next time!




Sierra Rae