Functional Fashion September

Functional Fashion / September Issue
By Julie Loeffler


I’ll admit, I have a little crush on this holster. I work out quite a bit and teach personal defense classes sometimes in unconventional places, so I wanted to find a holster that would work with athletic attire as well as business clothing, would stay in place when I ran or moved around, and was washable if it got dirty. It was comfortable, didn’t print, and held my single stack 9mm in place with ease. I first wore it to work under my business clothing. No one ever noticed. I then changed into my athletic clothing for the classes and my workout. Still no problem. The gun is pointed in a muzzle-down position when holstered, resting right on my sternum. To deploy, I pull my shirt up with my non-dominant hand, take the firearm up and out of the holster (there is a Velcro strap holding the firearm in place) into a high compressed ready position. It’s a simple deployment. I’ll be carrying with the Stowaway quite a bit.

Modular Belly Band - Small with free DVD MODBBS

Belly band holsters from most manufacturers work similarly. There is a wide, stretchy fabric band that molds around your middle, secured by either snaps or Velcro, and has a fabric pouch or Kydex compartment for the firearm. Some may even have a designated place for additional magazines. Whatever style or brand you choose, this is by far the most efficient holster I’ve purchased. Not only does it conceal well, but the firearm can be placed anywhere around your midsection simply by turning the belly band to the desired location. It gets high marks in the functional fashion arena due to the fact that it can be worn with virtually any clothing item: yoga pants, skirts, jeans, pants, and belted or non-belted garments. And in the autumn, you’ll have no problem at all concealing in your favorite jeans and a boxy sweatshirt.

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