Fall Fashion “Style is saying who you are without having to speak.”

by Sierra Rae Lewis

My name is Sierra Rae Lewis, and I am so excited to write for The American Woman Shooter magazine! I’m a 1nineteen year old college student, and to say that I have a love for fashion would probably be an understatement. Clothes are not just clothes to me, I like to think of them as real life art; clothes are what we live in. It’s not just about the clothes though, it is about how you wear them. Without personal style you have no idea how boring this world would be. I think that clothes are so much more than a material possession; clothes can create a person
ality, they can truly create a person. I grew up the daughter of a professional Rodeo Cowboy so I have taken a lot of inspiration from the western world. I came up with a saying one day calling myself a “Fashion Chameleon” and this explains my style, which is inspired from so many different looks. My goal is I can be at a Rodeo one hour and walking dow8ntown with a skyline view at the trendiest restaurant of the time the next, yet still look completely fashionable with just one outfit. The perfect look for each individual girl can be inspired by so many different people, places and things. Growing up in the world of professional Rodeo, I have been very blessed to travel to several different places and I am actually writing from the road! So travel and the different people I meet day to day lead me to learn something new every day, and I alw3ays relate it back to fashion.

Enough about me, though, you will get to know me more as I blog on! Let’s finally talk some fashion! Specifically fall fashion, the season is upon us! Here comes the pumpkin spice latte’s, fal
ling leaves and football games! I like to think of fall as a transitioning period in my closet, not to
tally time to pull out the racks of winter sweaters, but for sure the time to put away those shorts. So for my fall picks I have chosen items that you will most likely have in your fall and summer wardrobe. This summer I fell in love with the shift dress; you could find the4m in all different colors and prints, tie die was a big one, but fortunately i
t wasn’t your typical Woodstock tie die it was simple and usually worn out to give a dress just a hint of a fun print. All summer we wore them to look cute and beat that heat, but for fall, throw on a fun pair of leggings or tights and any kind of boot short or tall whatever you feel like for that day! With a shift dress you can also easily throw on a kimono, long sweater, denim jacket, or even a leather jacket and this also transitions your summer shift to a perfect fall outfit.72

Speaking of boots, let’s talk about the comeback of the cowboy boot! Yes country is cool, now I did tell you I have a western flair to my wardrobe and having a fabulous pair of cowboy boots to wear to the rodeo is a staple of my wardrobe. But even if you don’t think you’re the cowgirl type, you might try a pair this fall and prove yourself wrong. From the runway straight to everyday, the cowboy boot is my favorite fall pick this year! The cowboy boot is also a major transitional item because if you’re like me you will find an outfit to wear them with every season. Right now the denim flare is happening; you will probably be able to 9find a pair in any of your favorite stores, which I would like to tie in to my love of the cowboy boot for fall. A flair with a pointed toe boot will make you feel six feet tall, and what girl doesn’t want to play supermodel for the day!? With a bit of a heel, the cowboy boot can go from casual to dress up in seconds. The short ankle boot or “bootie” as I like to call it is a newer trend being seen right now with fringe and these are just as fun and versatile. So you pick wha
t boot you want this fall…….(there’s so many choices out there!) and have
a fashionable fall! I look forward to sharing more outfits with you on my journeys throughout the entire year! Again I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful magazine and cannot wait to get blogging!


Sincerely, Your new fashion blogger, (here for all your fashion needs),